Blue: My New Cat!

If you've seen Vonda Sinclair's photo's of her kittens, then you've seen my Blue, first as a newborn, than a playful kitten with his brothers and sisters. I've had him for a little more than a month, and the empty place in my heart left when my dog, Courage, passed away, is healing nicely.

Blue still has that long and lanky body of a kitten, and will one day be a quite large cat, but what strikes me most is his regal and distinct profile, which reminds me of an Egyptian cat statue. Other's have said the same.
 At this very moment, he is sitting behind my laptop with his chin resting on top of the screen, with his eyes closed. I assure you, that won't last long. In mere seconds he'll suddenly come wide awake and go sprinting down the hall speaking a language only he and his kind understand.


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