Foreign Rights Sales

I'm happy to announce that I've sold foreign rights to the first three books in The Highland Adventure Series (My Fierce Highlander, My Wild Highlander and My Brave Highlander) to Italian Publisher, Harlequin Mondori! I've also sold Japanese language rights of My Fierce Highlander to Oakla Publishing. I'm not sure when these books will come out but I'll be excited to see them up for sale in foreign markets. And it's fun to see the beautiful foreign covers. I have a wonderful foreign rights agent who is helping me with these sales.

Last year, I sold French language rights to the first 4 books in the series to French publisher Bragelonne Milady. The first two French editions have been released.

The French version of My Wild Highlander

The French version of My Fierce Highlander.
Here is part of a 5 star French review for My Fierce Highlander I roughly translated:
Here is a promising new saga. I loved the story. The pages turn themselves. We discover the exciting adventures between Alasdair MacGrath, this chief of a Scottish Clan and Gwyneth Carswell, a lady banished by her father. Secretly rescuing Alasdair, the sworn enemy of her cousin, and having betrayed her clan, the MacIrwin, Gwyneth, healer, will trigger an unprecedented vengeance. Because he believes he has a debt to this woman, Alasdair takes her under his protection. Then will be born a consuming passion between these two. Is this relationship strong enough to withstand the many difficulties Alasdair and Gwyneth will face? I will say no more. Buy this novel full of action, passion and intrigue set against the backdrop of wild landscapes, the Highlands." ~Line

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