Books No Matter How

Let's talk about books for just a minute. I love them, and it doesn't matter what format they come in. I'm addicted helplessly to the written word, both reading and writing it, and I'm very happy with this predicament.

I mention this because two of my friends were arguing about audio books. One drives several miles for work and depends on them. The other can't bring herself to read an e-book or listen to an audio book because she loves to cuddle up with "the real thing."

What is the real thing? That's what I asked, because I'll pretty much read anything in any form that I can get my hands on. Truth be told, I think people like me have built the Internet because anything with text is fodder for our desperate need for words. I remember one time when I was in the tub soaking because I was suffering from stiffness produced by working out. I needed to stay in the healing waters for just a while longer; however, I was bored, so I read the instructions on the shampoo bottle. And then I read the instructions on the conditioner.

This is not unusual for me. Reading is reading, and when I need a word hit, I need one. Any EXIT sign will do. I might thoroughly read the directions for baking cookies, but never bake them, if the recipe is lying around while I'm waiting on my toast to pop up.

Am I the only person this addicted to words? I don't think so, but after my friends' argument, I began to wonder. What about you? Do you reading anything you can get your hands--or ears--on? Please do share.

Happy Reading,

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