Back In the Old Routine

The past five months have been a roller coaster ride. A mixture of good and bad. Highs and lows. Laughter and tears. And before I come up with any other cliches, let me say I know that's life in a nutshell. (Another cliche, I know. Please forgive me) I haven't done much writing during this past few months, my brain and body had enough to handle with my father's medical emergency and my mother's need for help, so some of my skills may be a little rusty. I know I've neglected this blog, and I apologize for often leaving Mondays empty. But that's changing.

Not the roller coaster ride, I'm sure life in general will take care of that. But we've gone from the doctor asking us if we want to sign a DNR, to seeing my dad riding his bicycle around the RV park. He doesn't remember being so sick, but the rest of us do, and we try not to get frustrated when he complains about the things he can't do. He still needs to gain weight but he's made remarkable progress. So...

Hubby and I will be packing up the fifth wheel at the end of the week and leaving Florida! Here again is a mixed bag. I've enjoyed spending the winter in warm south central Florida. I sympathized with family and friends as they time and again dealt with more snow and cold than a typical winter, and I was glad I wasn't dealing with that. We're going to take our time driving up, so we hope the roads will be dry and the driveway clear for the RV. But I miss my family and friends. The little guy will be almost two and a half by the time I get home. It will be baby shower time for my daughter-in-law. I'll be able to catch up with friends. In that way, I hope we can get home as soon as possible.

I'm ready. Ready to get back to the old routine.

Back to see my kids and play with the little guy. Back to my house with the lake view (I wonder if the ice will be off or breaking up when we get back) Back to my office and big monitor. Back to writing regular blog posts and more romances I hope readers will fall in love with. But next winter, you can see me escaping the cold for FL again. Yes, I will be a snowbird, with no apologies.

And as a former barbershopper, I couldn't resist:

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