Cell Phones Ahoy

So I'm planning a cruise. My husband doesn't know about it. My cat doesn't know about it. However, I'm pretty into it. That means that I'm getting all the prices and arrangements and everything I need to casually say to my husband, "So, if you want to take a cruise..."

I blame spring fever. It's crazy this year. We've had a hard winter in my neck of the woods, and everyone is anxious for some warmth.  So much so that they are wearing shorts when it's only 40 degrees. Me? I'm spending my time finding ways to make it easy for my husband to say "Yes!" to any one of my ingenious schemes, all of which include getting on a really big boat that sails to parts sunny.

I guess that spring does that to us. It makes us believe that the impossible is possible. And for me that possible is spending time on a floating hotel where I can't get cell phone reception or anything technologically that will stress me out.

What about you? What is your perfect vacation? It's spring and time to start thinking about a little sunny relaxation. Please do share. :)

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