Voluptuous Pin-Up Girl

vo·lup·tu·ous [vuh-luhp-choo-uhs]

1. full of, characterized by, or ministering to indulgence in luxury, pleasure, and sensuous enjoyment: a voluptuous life.
2. derived from gratification of the senses: voluptuous pleasure.
3. directed toward or concerned with sensuous enjoyment or sensual pleasure: voluptuous desires.
4. sensuously pleasing or delightful: voluptuous beauty.
From dictionary.com

Is there a better word for full-of-sexiness? I don't think so! My Curve Appeal story from Ellora's Cave is titled Voluptuous and it released last Friday. Meredith is a curvy girl and I had a lot of fun researching plus-sized models and other voluptuous images while I was writing the story. I came across this article and I loved these pictures so much I wanted to share it with our Fierce Romance readers.

America's Forgotten Pin-Up Girl

What do you think? Isn't Hilda one of the best pin-up girls you've ever seen?

Oh, and a little heads-up for our Fierce Romance readers. This Thursday is my birthday and I just may have a little surprise contest over on my Facebook page. If you haven't "liked" my author page yet, you still have time.

Voluptuous - available now
Her Royal Romance - Oct 2013
Silken Canvas - print coming Nov 2013
Playing for Real - coming Feb 2014

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