Sunset Tryst Cover Reveal

I'm so excited to reveal the cover for Sunset Tryst here on Fierce Romance! This was such a steamy, sexy and fun book to write. Look for it coming soon from Ellora's Cave.


Sun, sand, surf…and sex.

Riley Watson is looking to kick off her vacation a little early as the medical convention she’s attending in a gorgeous Florida beach town winds down. When two sexy men offer her an unforgettable night of heat and passion, the last thing she expects is to get tangled up in a maelstrom of searing emotions. Together, Garrett and Evan are her most vivid erotic fantasy—and her most heartbreaking reality—all rolled into one. As red-hot desire and aching intimacy escalates, Riley is forced to pack a lifetime of ecstasy into mere days. But after nature takes a bite out of her unexpected affair, will their gut-wrenching goodbye be all they have left as a reminder of their sunset tryst?


Garrett held on tighter and danced them in a loop to face the bar. Evan was standing there with his arms folded over his wide chest, leaning against the center island, just staring at them. He held his jaw firm and his chest rose slow and even with each breath, but nothing could mask the undeniable want in his eyes.

Garrett worked his fingertips against the silkiness of her blouse and hooked the thumb of his opposite hand under Riley's belt. Her nipples tightened even more, as did every cell centered around her core.

“Looks like our friend over there isn’t too shy about what he wants,” Garrett mused at the edge of her ear. “Can’t say as I blame him, though. Seems to be a lot of that going on here.”

Never in her life had she felt so free. Wild, even. She covered Garrett’s hand with one of her own and worked her fingers between his to hold it there while lifting her other to that silky place along the nape of his neck. She gripped those short curls and reveled in the quiet growl he let loose when she tightened and tugged a little.

“Ah, baby. You’re some wicked sexy, you know that?”

She had to smile. “You’re the first person to ever call me that.”

“What? Sexy? I highly doubt that.”

She shook her head ever so slightly. “No. Wicked. I’ve never been called wicked before.”

More heat centered in her core when he pressed his lips against her temple. “Then I’m the first person to see who you really are,” he whispered.

As revelations went this one floored her, simply because she couldn’t help but think that, in this moment, he might be right.

They stayed like that for a few beats, gyrating together, mimicking a slow, rhythmic f***ing, all the while being watched intently by Evan. Her breath came quicker and her knees started to feel like jelly.

“You want him,” Garrett continued at the shell of her ear. “Don’t you?”

Her throat constricted, but whether it was from nerves or excitement, she couldn’t be sure. Gripping him tighter was the only answer she could give.

“I watched you today. Whenever you stopped in here, you’d flash these looks at him.”

“Did I?” she managed.

His chuckle rumbled in his chest and penetrated through her back. “Yeah, you did.”


“You’re not denying it, are you?”

The devil in her just kept staring into Evan’s eyes. She remained silent.

“I know you’re thinking it,” Garrett kept going. “My hands all over you. His hands. Our mouths.” He pushed against her ass again. “Among other things.”

God, he was reading her mind. “And you’re calling me wicked?”

“Come on, Riley,” he nearly growled. “Let me hear you say it. Let me hear you say how much you want him. How much you want us.”

She peered over her shoulder and caught his gaze. Lust, desire, need—all were heady emotions in and of themselves. But weaved together in the depths of Garrett’s near-black eyes... She found herself lost and grounded all at the same time as an easy truth spilled past her lips.

“Yes, Garrett. I want you. And I want him. I want you both, and I want you together.”

Have a sexy weekend, y'all!



Natasha Moore said...

Looks great! Do you have a release date yet?

Kristin Daniels said...

Not yet. Hopefully soon!

Kristin Daniels said...

Not yet. Hopefully soon!

Carly Carson said...

Can't go wrong with that cover! Or excerpt...yum.