A Fashion Public Service Announcement

By now you know that I’m a bit of a wannabe fashionista, whether anyone cares or not. I’ve been fashion-challenged all my life, but somehow, in my middle years, I’ve suddenly decided that I’m some kind of fashion guru because I’ve worn the worst of the worst and am now somehow better for it. A couple of posts ago, I blogged about visible bra straps with no purpose. Today I tackle the topic of short skirts and big bags, which by themselves do not cause problems. However, together they can be very, um, revealing.

My job puts me in the way of hundreds of people a day, so I have plenty of time to observe what the general population is wearing. Lately, I’ve noticed on several occasions a phenomenon that I think I need to mention, if only to inform the public at large about the potentially toxic mix of short skirts and big, bulky bags.

I don’t mind short skirts. I’ve worn enough of them over the years that I’ve developed the attitude that if you want to wear something that shows your thighs, no matter how sightly or unsightly, you should. Doesn’t matter to me. Short skirts serve a number of purposes, especially on hot days. But here’s what you need to remember…

If you carry an over-the-shoulder bag that rests against your body, it might catch on the fabric of your skirt and cause it to hike up and show everyone your panties.

It’s true. I’ve seen it, in some cases unfortunately. Young women will totter off down the street completely unaware that their undies are showing in the back because their tote bags, as they rest against their hips, have captured their skirts and are holding them in place while the rest of their body moves forward, thus exposing their underwear, and, in some cases, butt cheek.

I’d never thought of this before, but now I’m super aware of where my purse touches my body in case it catches on my clothing. I’m also hyper-sensitive to red skin caused by purse straps, such as when you wear a tank top and your purse strap rubs your skin red where it touches. I used to vainly think that people were scoping my Michelle Obama arms, but then when I looked in the mirror I saw red splotches where my purse strap had been. This also happens when you wear a tank top and lean back in a chair—red skin everywhere.

I realize that as far as public service announcements go, this is pretty lame. However, from the grateful response I got from the young lady who wasn’t wearing panties with her tiny skirt and large tote bag ensemble, I think it could be pretty important. It might help someone out there who’s been wondering why all those people stare as she walks by. Is it her figure? Her cute blouse? Her jaunty step? Or her Wonder Woman boy shorts showing?

What about you? Is there something you see happening fashion-wise that people aren't aware of? You can help a tremendous number of folks by pointing it out here. Not as many probably as were impacted by learning that you're supposed to push in on the ends of the foil box to hold the spindle in place, but a large number nevertheless, so please do share. :)

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Carly Carson said...

Hmmm, I do have a dd who does the short skirt, big bag thing. I'd better forward this. lol