RomFest Recap

I just got back from RomFest 2012, a conference for romance writers and readers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I had a great time, meeting many readers for the first time, as well as meeting up with authors I knew and getting to know many more I'd never met before.

My longtime friend, Trixie Stilletto, and I roomed together, staying up late a couple times brainstorming new ideas for our writing and chatting about our love of Gibbs and all things NCIS.

I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took over the last 4 days. I hope I'll be able to go again next year!

Some of the attendees at the pajama party Thursday night.

Old and new friends - Shannon K Butcher, Trixie Stilletto, and Jennifer Estep.

New reader friends at the costume party.

Me and Trixie at the booksigning at the Books A Million. A line was already forming through the book store long before the booksigning started. There were close to 30 authors signing there and the staff was awesome - so pleasant and helpful. There were even a couple handsome local law enforcement officers to make sure no one got out of line. There were a lot of enthusiastic readers there and it made for a fun day!

Many authors donated baskets which were auctioned off for charity. There were three tables like this covered with wonderful baskets full of books and chocolate and many other goodies.

We raised over $1100 for the Bays Mountain Park Association. The happy winner of my basket.

It was a busy few days and the conference flew by. There were tons of great workshops - Trixie and I even gave our first workshop - as well as games like Naughty Bingo and the booksiging. I've been to enough conferences now to know to take some time in my room to rest from time to time. I even got a couple thousand words written on my current project in between workshops.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to attend RomFest 2013, and if anyone is looking for a great conference where authors and readers can connect through their love of romance, I'd highly recommend RomFest!

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Carly Carson said...

And you didn't get us a picture of the handsome law enforcement guys? I bet they would have been happy to pose! j/k Glad you had a good time. Is this conf. for readers (what do they do?) or do you only see them at the book signing?

Natasha Moore said...

Carly, it was a conf for readers & authors. There was lots of times for interaction, taking about books and anything else. Games & meals together. The book signing was open to the public and brought in a lot of people.

Sigh...I wasn't close enough to the men in blue to get a good picture.