Getting Along Swimmingly

It’s summer and where I’m at, it’s HOT. That doesn’t keep me inside, though, not when there’s a pool nearby. I throw on my swimsuit and go. Well, it's actually not a swimsuit, but more like swim attire, which is what I'm posting about today.

I won't give advice of my own on this piece of fashion because I shouldn't. I'm cheap when it comes to swimwear and I tend to mix and match. I hate spending tons of money on a bathing suit, because for a girl my size--and I think for any girl any size depending on the trend--swimsuits can be very, very pricey. So, I might wear a bikini top from one suit that doesn't fit anymore with the bottoms from another suit that does. That means if you see me in water splashing around, I might be wearing a red print top with a yellow floral bottom. It will look like perhaps I got dressed in the dark. Perhaps I did that day. It does happen.

Usually, though, what happens most often is that important parts of the bikini wear out or end up not fitting anymore. And, yes, I do wear bikinis even though I look like one of those pictures of women on the beach with cellulite just dripping from them--even their fingertips--that go viral and get comments as far away as Denmark about how awful they look. Over the course of many years, I have learned what I am comfortable in and what makes me happy, and a one-piece bathing suit makes me feel like I've got a boa constrictor wrapped around my torso. What's worse is that the boa constrictor doesn't really like it when I have to peel him off to go to the restroom. Yes, there are two-piece suits with more coverage, like swim dresses. However, the extra floaty material weighs me down and seems to get caught on whatever drifts nearby, like seaweed, or small children.

I did come across an article about what men like to see on the beach, and the top suit was a nicely cut bikini--not a skimpy one, but one that showed some skin and left a little modesty intact. Men apparently don't care for trendy suits--they don't get them--or seeing something that leaves nothing to the imagination. It was a nice article, but notably I didn't see an article on what kinds of swimsuits women like to see on men. Why? I'm guessing that it's because there's only about two types--swim trunks or the brief type--and most men opt for the trunks.

Darn it.

There's nothing wrong with those long trunks, but they certainly do seem to cover a lot and they look like they weigh about 40 lbs. They also make most men look, no matter what age, look like little boys in short pants. Maybe that's why many guys like them--the appearance of youth. I guess I'm just jealous because swim trunks have pockets and most women's options don't, even the swim shorts. Consequently, we have to carry our ID's in some kind of bag that can be stolen right off the beach instead of on our personal selves. Or maybe I just like to see the male anatomy, which is beautiful. What do you think? lol

What do you like to see a guy wearing around the water or what type of swimsuit do you prefer to wear yourself? I think people's selection of swimwear is interesting and tells much about them, so please do share.


Natasha Storm said...

I think comfort is key while swimming, and bikinis are the easiest to swim in (though not so great for using the diving board.) Way to go for wearing what makes YOU feel good and not letting other people get in your way.

I do think the swim trunks look a little bit ridiculous. They create a hot man torso on a little boy's legs effect. I'm glad SPF is so high on sunscreen these days, because the t-shirt over swim trunks is even more disappointing!

I like regular bikinis, nothing fancy, generally in a single color.

Great post! Now I want to go swimming.


Cameo Brown said...

Hadn't thought of the diving board--good thinking! The "hot man torso on little boy's legs effect" is a perfect way to describe what I was picturing. I think that's why it's so disturbing. Thanks for your great comment, and happy swimming!

Carly Carson said...

The problem with the Speedo type suit for men is that the only men who wear them are exactly the men you don't want to see wearing them. At least where I live. There should be something between a Speedo and baggy shorts.