Magic Mike

Now that I have your attention. LOL. We’ve all seen that Magic Mike photo floating around Facebook. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out and I’ll kindly share it with you now:

There are many, many girl’s nights being planned around this movie. I have one planned. And I really could care less what the actual movie is about, I'm going to see this because Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum spend a majority of the movie shirtless. Just being honest :)

So why am I talking about Magic Mike today? I do have a reason, and its not the hotness up above. 

Magic Mike' marketing used sizzling hot men to sale a movie, and they've done a fantastic job at it. I'm sold. 

We all know what attracts us physically. But what quality takes an average looking man to sizzling hot in your eyes?

An example: last night I was watching a TV show. There was this guy on it. Good-looking, but definitely not Magic Mike hotness. Then this other guy insults another woman on the show and bam, good-looking guy steps in, gets up in his face and he immediatly skyrocketed to Magic Mike hotness for me. I love it when a guy defends a girl. Yes, I seriously have a knight in shining armor complex. 

Another quality that really gets me is scheming (for the good, not the bad). I'm in love with Tyrion Lannister on A Game of Thrones. Being completely honest here, I wouldn't have given this guy a second glance. But as the series went on, and Tyrion's character developed and we got deeper into his mind, and how freaking intelligent he is, how he can puppet those around him, he became more and more attractive.

On the other side of the coin, you have total hotness that turn ogre the minute he opens his mouth. My immediate turn offs? Cockiness. A little is okay, but when you believe you're God's gift to women, it's like a perfect gift has been ruined and I'd rather return it for another than keep it.   

Looks gives us that immediate attraction. But it's the stuff underneath those looks that really cement an attraction. What qualities get you going and what immediately turns you off?



Vonda Sinclair said...

I have a similar outlook. I like a guy who has heart and isn't afraid to try anything. As for a hot guy becoming a turn off, if he's manipulative in a bad way, in love with himself or selfish he becomes no longer attractive.

Carly Carson said...

Intelligence is the #1 turnon. Although the rest of the package can't be ugly. I don't like conceited guys. I've haven't heard of his Mike movie, but maybe I should check it out!