How Do We Get Inspired When....

How do we get inspired to write when everything in our lives can be turned upside down? Turn it into a story? :)

Or, find a visual stimulant. :) This works. Hmm, just finished one of those shower scenes in Allure of the Wolf...

I've got my house up for sale, trying to keep the acre yard trimmed and the house clean, got tile guys here and painters that I decided I needed, and after the painters destroyed my privet, I'm ready for a much needed break.

So shower hunk helps.

I missed posting last Saturday. Missed posting on another blog Wednesday. Trying not to miss too many things I'm supposed to be doing, but what with the upheaval in my life, it's hard not to!

Ever do that? Two days later think, ohmigosh! I was supposed to be at that doctor's appointment Monday?

Have edits due on a YA by end of month...9 days from now, over 1/2 through with writing Allure and teaching a great group of happy hookers....yet, trying to keep up with promotions. I'll be blogging about How Much Realism in Fiction is Too Much on another site Wednesday...and all I've got to say is I'm sure staying out of trouble. Kind of.

Yep. That's the way life is right now. Perfect for a story. Conflict, conflict, and more conflict. Great to read about--that's what makes a story fun. But not real life!!!

*Sigh* One more visual stimulant for when I go back to editing the shower scene
and then it's back to work for me! Have a super Saturday, oh, and a question to ponder:

What do you do when life stresses you to the max? How do you cope? What gets you back into shower, I mean, saddle to keep on going?

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf
The Vampire...In My Dreams


Nicole North said...

Great inspiration, Terry! I love those shower hunk pics! Good luck with all you've got going on!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Nicole!! Trying to get a McCaffrey Clan bear ready to ship today! :)