Amber Green takes us on a Backtrack

I'm happy to say Red Sage and Loose Id author Amber Green is here with us today to talk about her newest release.

Nicole North: Welcome, Amber! Congratulations and please tell us about your book.

Amber Green: Today is the debut of my new Huntsmen story, BACKTRACK, which takes place in 1984...remember 1984? Big hair; Bocephus; the awesome Commodore 64; self-correcting typewriters; shoe-sized car phones; and huntsmen losing their training grounds to the explosion of beachfront condominiums? Well, um, yeah...whether you remember it that way or not.

Three years ago, Sugar made the mistake of volunteering to testify against a druglord, Glenn Digger. Now she’s on the run, her kid is hidden in foster care, and the guy she has the hots for is supposedly only seventeen. When she finally finds out Cassio is no overgrown teenager, she wants one bed-busting, rollicking screw before she moves on to the next city, the next fake name. Cassio comes in a double helping? Bring it on!

Fort feels weighed down with responsibility. Only 22, he and his twin Cassio have been raising a dozen younger brothers, nephews, and cousins--none entirely human. As a huntsman, Fort needs to get laid regularly to maintain his humanity. He’s not charming, so he leaves the seductions to his twin, Cassio. But this time Cassio falling in love has nothing to do with heartfelt sighs or bad poetry, and everything to do with finding out who this woman really is, and why she’s using someone else’s identity. Sugar enchants Fort, but she makes him feel playful--and he can’t afford to be a clown.

When Fort learns Sugar’s secret, he has to help. Because Sugar’s young son isn’t hidden any more. Digger has him.

Sugar makes a decision. Even if the twin detectives can rescue her kid this time, she will always be running, always be hiding, until Digger is dead. The solution is obvious: First rescue Joe; then kill Digger. Then, maybe, join the twins for a lingering, sizzling affair. But they won’t want her forever. They’ll want someone their own age. Someone who doesn’t carry her scars.

Nicole: Sounds hot and full of action! Is this your first book? If not, how many other books have you had published and what type of stories are they?

Amber: With Loose Id:

The Huntsmen: Lights Out!

In a time of spies and saboteurs, the shadows hold something worse.

In a world at war, Lorie discovers an inhuman terror prowling the blacked-out nights of New York City. She joins twin huntsmen, Jack and Tommy, feeding them the sexual energies they need to hold onto their humanity while they fight to rid the night of the horrific hydes. And then Tommy disappears...

The Huntsmen: Bareback

Joe's life is perfect, except for the mysterious twins, the serial killers, and his new love being a guy...who needs sex to stay human!

Joe’s a cop, a good one. Brian’s a jinx, a bareback, an untwinned huntsman nobody in his right mind would trust. When the dark side of the cops--vigilantes gone outlaw--teams up with the dark side of the huntsmen--hydes feeding on terror in the night--Sugar’s son and Lorie’s grandson lead a strike against the root of the evil.


With Red Sage Publishing:

Hawkmoor in Secrets Volume 13

MA thought she was human, and crazy. Darien thought she would readily accept her place in the shapeshifters’ world. Lia thought she could be controlled. They were all wrong.

The Subject in Secrets Volume 20

One week, Tyler is the hottest game designer in North America, in sight of her first million and ready to sign the deal of her life. The next week, she's on the run for her life. Who can she trust? Certainly not the uber-sexy don’t-call-me-werewolf Esau, who keeps showing up right after the hoo-hah hits the fan!

Nicole: Wow, that's a lot of books, Amber! What element of story creation is your favorite and why?

Amber: Working out the characters--who they are and how they came to be like that--is the most fascinating part of the writing process. Every other detail depends on the nuances of what a character would or would not do, and why.

Nicole: I agree. I love it when characters come to life. What was the most important thing you learned (the thing that made all the difference) just before you made your first sale?

Amber: To make a story worth reading, I have to stop agonizing over what’s supposed to happen next, and how it’s supposed to work out, or even how it’s supposed to sound. I had to learn to let the story flow, in its own words and at its own pace. Editing is best left to those days when nothing wants to flow on its own.

Nicole: So true! What’s next for you?

Amber: Good question. A few stories (sf, straight historical, contemp m/m) are elbowing one another in the back of my head, but none has stepped forward to commandeer the keyboard. Yet.

Nicole: I'm sure they will very soon! Thanks for being our guest today, Amber! Everyone please visit Amber Green's website at

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