The cats rule the day!

Since Tess posted some of her LOLcats, I thought I would post some of my favorite ones I've found on the web.

Vampire Kitten

Nice hair. I want it!!!

This one is for 300 and Jerry Butler fans.



Samantha Hunter said...


I just finished brushing and bathing my two cats last night (they were street kittens who then spent 3 months in a shelter cage before we adopted them, so they never learned to clean themselves adequately), and I think they struck several of these poses.

Though seriously, they actually like it... mostly.


ShawnaMoore said...

LOL, Nicole. Those kitty pics are so precious :) Many thanks for sharing them with us :)

Happy weekend wishes,


Nicole North said...

Thanks Samantha and Shawna! I love cats and have two of them also, both Siamese mixes. I have a ton of these funny cat photos I've saved up. I'll have to post more of them later on.
Have a super weekend!

Tess said...

I just got to the blog and saw your kitty pics! They are awesome! I especially like the one of the cat grabbing at the guy's hair! hee hee!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Too cute, Nicole! Love it, especially the vampire kitties and the one who wants the guy's long hair. :)