Celebrating a Day for Dad

As I parted the den curtains this morning, a sunny day greeted me. Not simply any sunny day, but a perfect day to celebrate my dad. To celebrate and cherish all the times he’s been there for me over the years, how much love he and my beloved mother hold for me and I for them, and how he's never let me down. While enjoying breakfast, I let my mind wander back to many of the wonderful times we spent together as a family. The first time Dad let go of my big-girl’s bike, I pedaled down the street on my own and didn’t fall down. The day I graduated from high school, looked up into the audience assembled on the stadium bleachers and returned the smile he sent my way. There are so many fond memories from times spent with my parents, but my favorite memory surrounding my father is from a family vacation. Each summer Mom, Dad and I enjoyed visiting the shore for our warm-weather getaway. The year from which my favorite memory is culled, I was probably seven or eight. We found our place on the sand, spread out the beach towels and set down the cooler. The three of us then headed down to the water. Mom held my right hand, Dad held my left. Once we found a spot where the waves were coming in more gently, Mom and Dad provided my support as I laughed and let those waves break and splash against my legs. Afterward we returned to our beach towels and Dad located my beach bucket and shovel. For quite some time, lots of applications of sunscreen and Mom putting on my tee shirt, we toiled and fashioned an awesome sand castle. Only when Dad took a short break and brought back some delicious roast beef sandwiches and boardwalk fries cooked in peanut oil did we pause in our architectural pursuit. Eventually the sand structure lay complete and we took several photographs to preserve the memory. Dad and I ventured down to the shoreline, filled the bucket with water several times, and put the finishing touch on our summertime masterpiece.

Before today is done, I plan on finding those family photo albums and the pictures that captured our glorious sandcastle. I’ll remove one photo and place it near my writing computer as inspiration. Great things and much happiness come from the simplest pleasures in life. I was blessed with having terrific parents, and those times and memories are more precious and priceless with each passing day.

How about you, readers? What is your fondest memory this Father’s Day?

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Nicole North said...

What a wonderful and vivid beach memory, Shawna! Thanks for sharing!!

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

Glad you enjoyed my memory :) Beach retreats have always been a perfect getaway for me :)

Happy week wishes,