The Thrill of the Paranormal

I've always been fascinated in the paranormal from the time when I was a teen and watched the local community college put on the play Dracula and Hansel and Gretal, to ghost stories at the school library and tons of mythology, and fantasies too, like Beauty and the Beast (not the Disney Version) and all the other childhood fantasies, where the man and woman loved each other, but were destined to be star crossed lovers if they couldn't break a spell, or kill off the evil witch. So yeah, I've been in love with the paranormal forever.

It's only been really recently that I discovered the paranormal world of romances with a happily ever after for some of the most unlikely types of stories, from goddesses and demons to ghostly hunks, and, yep, werewolves.
I'd have to say for me, Dracula was the closest thing to a sexy romance, but it was never a happily ever after for the poor vampire. The same with the other stories, the witches and ghosts were not the main characters, but the villains or secondaries. Not as far as romances go at least.

And then there are the tons of psychic detective shows and ghost hunter shows, and fantasies like Narnia and Star Dust, and lots more great stories with paranormal elements.

From werewolves like Heart of the Wolf and Don't Cry Wolf, to vampires and witches in The Vampire...In My Dreams and psychics in Deidre's Secret, I love to explore the paranormal or urban fantasy realm.
So if you could have any paranormal ability, whether it was some kind of psychic ability, or shapeshifting power, what would you want to have and why?


melanie said...

I would Like the power to see the Future so I could stay out of trouble LOL

Nicole North said...

Great post Terry!! I'd want to be some kind of bird shifter so I could fly. :-)