Forbidden Love

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What do you think of forbidden love? That's the title of one of my vampire romances, but it pertains to a form of story I enjoy writing--a forbidden love between two people. Think: Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story. Even Heart of the Wolf is about forbidden love as Devlyn isn't permitted to mate Bella, the alpha male's choice of mate. In Winning the Highlander's Heart, Lady Anice must marry King Henry's choice of groom, a Norman, when she falls in love with the Highlander, Laird Malcolm MacNeill.

What makes forbidden love so much fun to read?

It's the deep interpersonal conflict for me--the love of two people that cannot be stopped no matter the rules in their society. It's the love that bridges two people from different worlds, different ideologies, backgrounds, beliefs. Or some other element that threatens to keep them apart becuase of family feuds or other dastardly external conflict.But I want a happily ever after! Star crossed lovers are not my idea of a fun read!

What are some of your favorite stories of forbidden love?
Terry Spear


Nicole North said...

Great post Terry! I'm a big fan of stories of forbidden love. Tristan and Isolde immediately comes to mind. The movie version was beautiful but of course tragic and sad at the end. I recently also wrote a novella in which forbidden love played a part.

Pat McDermott said...

Hi Terry. Good question. Forbidden love makes the lovers yearn for each other more because their love is forbidden, and we yearn with them. FL is a major element in my first novel, A Band of Roses, in which the lovers are adoptive first cousins who can't get together because of the incest implications. Cinderella and her prince come to mind, though most FLs don't have happy endings - Lancelot and Guinevere, Jack and Rose in "Titanic," and my all time favorite, Rick and Ilsa in "Casablanca." Great post, Terry! Thanks!

ShawnaMoore said...

Love your post, Terry!

Forbidden romances are some of my favorites :) Turning those pages to see how the couple overcomes their ultimate conflict and earns their loving happily ever after. This is one of the best conflicts. Make them fight and work for the romance. This makes for an even stronger union in my opinion--in fiction and in real life :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!