Sinful Saturday & a Contest

Hmm, in Heart of the Wolf, one of the villains is a wild game hunter and his house was full of animal skins. But the hero was searching his place for clues as to whether the guy is a cold-blooded killer or not. So here Devlyn is, reading through emails on the guy's computer to see if he was connected to the murders or not.

It's fun taking a picture and describing a scene that was in your book, or using a picture to help describe a scene. I did that with a palatial farm in Heart of the Wolf that was for sale in Oregon so I'd get it right as far as the number of barns a big farm might have, cattle, etc. :)

I wanted to share a pictue that my Rebel Romance Critique partners have stashed away in the photo album--hunky Car Wash Guys. They know how to do it right. Keep the clothes from getting dirty--wash without. Hmm-hmm. :) So here's the version instead of Car Wash guy after he finished washing the car, minus the rest of the hunky picture. And I'm not talking about the souped up red sports car either!!

Have a super Saturday and check out my contest at Deadly Vixens!
Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf
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Nicole North said...

Hot pics Terry!! Thanks for the eye candy! I remember those car wash guys. LOL