Settings in Stories!

Next week we're supposed to talk about settings in stories, but I wanted to jump into the topic today. Right now, I'm in the middle of trying to get my house ready to sell, and I've had one trouble after another. Two weeks of trying to get a painter to paint my garage--I've painted the rest of the house on my own, thank the heavens, or it would be ten years before the house was ready. But I go out to check on what the guy has done, professional painters with professional prices--cracks not plastered over, holes not plastered over, and the worst? Peeling paint just painted right over!! I could have done that! And not paid a fortune for it. But the thing is, I wouldn't have done that.

So how does this relate to setting? I would rather be in a different setting right now!!! In another world, just about anywhere. So I've been working on a winter wonderland for my fourth wolf book, Allure of the Wolf, and it's a challenge, but it's a nice break from painting woes!

It can be difficult to write about a place you've never been, but as a writer, it's fun learning new things and taking on the challenge. So, I take all the experiences I've had living through snowy winter storms in Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland, and even St Louis, and ski trips to Colorado, New Mexico, NY, and Pennsylvania, and then do tons of research.

I've learned so much about the Canadian Arctic and it sounds like a fun place to visit, though I'm more of a tropical paradise kind of person, but no wolves in the tropics.

So where would you like to go if you wanted to get away from it all and money was no object?

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf, Don't Cry Wolf


Vonda Sinclair said...

Great post, Terry! You know what my answer would be... Scotland!! I need to do more research. Good excuse, huh? ;-)

Carol Ericson said...

Terry, good luck getting your house ready. Buying/selling houses is so stressful. I have two types of favorite getaways. I love sightseeing and history, so I enjoy going to the U.K. and trooping around castles, old houses, gardens, and historical sites. For a more relaxing getaway, I love Maui. It's my favorite beach paradise.