Book Four: "Tempted by a Highland Moon"

I'd like to tell you a bit about the fourth book in my Highland Moon Series,"Tempted by a Highland Moon." Those of you who have already read the first three books have more than likely guessed that this one is Duncan's story. Since the book is a work in progress, I don't yet have a cover, but I can certainly tell you a few things about him.
Duncan MacDonell is quite a handsome Highlander, with dark brown hair, and compelling brown eyes. He is taller than most men, and he loves to eat, but carries nothing on his muscular frame but solid muscle. And as his best friends, Kade, Galen, and Cin will tell you, they can always count on Duncan in a fight.
Kalie, the beautiful dark-haired heroine, and Duncan, meet when he saves her from being trampled by a horse and rider. Later he is asked by the earl, his sister's husband, to escort her into the Highlands to the castle of her betrothed. Along the way, an intense attraction developes between the two that neither of them can deny.
Here is an excerpt from "Tempted by a Highland Moon:"

Kalie smiled. "Once again you have come to my aid. Much thanks."
Duncan's heart danced in his chest, as he busied himself with the saddle. "You are most welcome, my lady. Come, we must go." He lifted her onto the horse, the heat of her skin burning his hands through the thin smock. He blew out a breath, then swung up behind her, wrapping his plaid about them both.
After a few minutes, her shivering ceased, and she settled back against his chest, deep in slumber. Her womanly hips pressed between his thighs were causing Duncan a great deal of discomfort. He groaned, then shifted her in his arms. No use. He would just have to bear it.

Kalie opened her eyes and blinked. Duncan's arm was wrapped about her waist, and the appealing warmth of his muscular body clung to her like a thick blanket. She should let him ken she was awake, but then he would release her, and she didnae wish him to. Not yet. She breathed in his male scent, listened to the beat of his heart, the song he was softly humming,  realizing she would never want any man but him. But that could never be, for she was already betrothed. She swallowed back her emotion, and blinked away her tears

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Duncan's and Kalie's story!


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