A Trip Means Research or Research Means a Trip!

When I took a trip to Scotland, I was there for research--to learn about the castles, the layout of the land, the weather, flora, just all sorts of things. Did they have any trees?

When I went to New Mexico, it was to see the wolves at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

Here I am petting Zoerro, the ambassador wolf that has done some promo work for Game of Thrones. How cool is that?

But I also considered the landscape for a story. Would it work for wolves? Or cougars? Or some other story? Here, you see trees, and there were trees in some areas, like at the volcano and ice cave we visited. But there were vast areas where very little was growing. I wondered how anything could survive out there as little water as they have.

When I returned to Central Texas, I felt relief to see GREENERY, trees, water!

I've been to many of the places I write about and it really does give a a feel for the area--more so than just reading about it and perusing pictures. It gives you a real sense of being there, because you have been there.

For one thing, it's a lot drier. And we were on dirt roads a lot, so dusty. I kept looking for signs of life and saw none. And yet, I know it exists. When we were at the ancient Chaco ruins, I saw several lizards and a jack rabbit close up. On the way on and off the reservation--we took pictures of angora goats, wild horses, and sheep with their shepherding dog, cattle, and elk, none of them fenced in, all just roaming free.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting New Mexico and the wilderness out there with my friends and am ready for the next road trip!

I also autographed books at the Barnes and Noble in Albuquerque, Books-a-Million in Abilene, and Barnes and Noble in Lubbock. The weekend before, I signed books in Milwaukee, Greenfield, and Wauwatosa, WI.

Barnes and Noble, Wauwatosa, WI

Which is another reason for me to take a road trip!

Have a super great Saturday! I'm still proofing She-Wolf Leader of the Pack before I turn it in. Deadline quickly approaching!


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