The Truth In Movies

Hello all. I’m still laid up and on pain meds, thinking is not the easiest thing for me at the moment. At the risk of being completely incoherent with anything that I write, I decided to offer a little eye candy.

What better actor to start off a truth themed eye-candy blog than one off with one of the hottest actors on the big screen right now. Gerard Butler. Who's with me?

He starred in a fantastic movie called The Ugly Truth. Anyone remember the vibrator scene? I can watch that scene over and over again and still laugh. This movie was my introduction to Gerard. I'd seen 300 but had nooooo clue he was in it. I've been Gerard ga-ga ever since.

How could I do a thread like this without including Hugh Jackman? In Wolverine, we learn how Logan became Wolverine. If the truth had been told, we may have never had the yumminess that is Wolverine.

I normally like meatier men, but when I saw James McAvoy in Penelope, I feel just a bit in love. The way he refused to tell Penelope the truth about who he was to allow her to have the life she wanted was very heroic.

Sorry this wasn't longer:) I'll be back to 100% soon!


Nicole North said...

I'm with you! I'm a major Gerard fan too! Thank you for posting two hot Scottish actors (Gerard and James). And I'm also a huge Hugh Jackman fan! Thanks for the eye candy and I hope you feel much better soon!

Cameo Brown said...

Feel better soon! I sure feel fine now. Yowza!