Outer Banks Vacation

Recently we took a trip to the Outer Banks of NC. Our trip was unfortunately interrupted by a hurricane and a mandatory evacuation, but we still enjoyed the first part of the week. The weather was perfect and hot. We were in an ideal location and it was very restful and beautiful.
Although this photo doesn't show it, the first two nights there was a blood moon, which I don't remember seeing very much, if ever. When the moon first came over the horizon it was red. When it rose more, it was normal white as this picture shows. I loved the way the light reflected off the water.

Most days during our visit, the water was too rough, and the currents too dangerous so swimming was not allowed. Even no more than knee deep, it almost knocked me over. But the surfers went crazy.
Sunrise is a beautiful time of day in the Outer Banks

We visited Currituck Lighthouse, built in 1873.

We climbed to the top and this is one of the views down the steps.

View from the top of the lighthouse of the Whalehead Club


Lynne Roberts said...

It looks gorgeous. Sorry about the hurricane cutting it short.

Carly Carson said...

Beautiful pictures!! Are you the photographer?

Nicole North said...

Thanks Lynne! Yes, it was a bummer. I missed out on a few extra days of this paradise.

Thanks Carly! Yes, I took the pictures. (I'm an obsessive picture taker which is why I found I have 38 GB of photos on my old computer and moving them will be a pain. LOL)

Lee Lopez said...

I love the Carolina's both of them. They are incredible. And a great place for ideas and to bring the muse alive again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Nicole.
I'm glad you had time to relax and enjoy your vacation despite the hurricane.
I see that last pic you posted is of your grand estate. =)

Natasha Moore said...

I love going to the OBX. We'll have to share our pictures sometime :)

Natasha Moore said...
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Natasha Moore said...
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Nancy said...

Fantastic photos.I took hubby there in April for his b'day. My cousins had just bought a beach house near the bridge to Nags Head. Lovely views, awesome shells on the beach, a great time.Oh...a belated Happy Birthday!

Nicole North said...

Lee, I agree! I am a big fan of the Carolinas myself!

Casey, thanks!! Absolutely! That's where I live half the year. LOL

Natasha, for sure! I have only been once before but I took several pictures. It's a very picturesque place.

Nancy, thanks!! What a nice present that was for your hubby! That area around the bridge is beautiful and I love shell hunting.