I love surprises... As long as they're good ones!

I love surprises, really I do. Take, for instance, what happened a couple weeks ago...

It's the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and I'm up in my bedroom packing and getting ready for a long weekend of camping (well, RVing, really. But that's another subject entirely). Hubby had been hanging out in his bat cave (otherwise known as the basement) for the majority of the morning. Nothing out of the ordinary there -- after all, the man is a workaholic and that's where his home office is located. Out of the blue, he comes strolling into the bedroom and heads straight for my laptop (which is on this little writing desk set up against the wall. No, we won't get into the differences between his home office and, ahem, mine). My hackles didn't quite get raised, but I watch him and think to myself, Helloooo, whatcha doing? (Yes, I'm a bit protective of my pretty red Dell, LOL.) He grabs the mouse and starts clicking away. Click, click, click and my email is up. And what's sitting there at the very top of my Inbox? A shiny new email informing me that my new iPhone 4 is on the way!

Okay, now I know to some of you that a new phone might not be a big deal. But to me, it was. I've been wanting an iPhone for a while now, but my upgrade isn't available until next fall. Yep, over a year away. Hard to justify laying out that kind of cash for a phone. Still, hubby surprised me by ordering it waayyy ahead of my upgrade availability. Hugs and kisses ensued, and I spent the rest of the holiday weekend basking in my soon-to-be-delivered-iPhone glow.

Monday rolls around, and I check the status of my order. Holy, cow it's going to be delivered tomorrow! I'm grinning when I tell him that, and he looks back at me with a smile of his own, but I'm pretty sure it was only because he thought I was nuts for being so happy about it. And then... Tuesday arrives! I spend a little time that morning watching out the window and the front door for the Fed Ex truck. There's one stopped down the street at my neighbor's house, and I think to myself, Awesome! It's almost here! But, guess what? The truck passes my house right by. LOL. But, do I panic? No, not me. I wait a little longer, just knowing that another truck will be by soon (I usually have very little patience, so that I took this attitude was a surprise even to myself).

Turns out, I was right. About a half hour later, here comes another truck. I meet the driver at the door and she hands me this little box. Man, the thing weighs nothing -- because there's NOTHING IN IT! Can you believe it? That was certainly a surprise I didn't enjoy!

The top had been punched in along the taped seam, and it was open. Someone had stolen my iPhone! I look at hubby (who's still on his long weekend vacation from work) and, yes, I admit it -- a few expletives flew out of my mouth. The driver, being oh-so-casual, told me to just call the 800 number on the label and they'll take care of everything.


I handed everything over to my wonderful husband, because at that point I think I may have ripped the head off of anyone I talked to. Being the poster child for calm, he sat on the phone -- on his day off -- for well over an hour trying to sort it all out. In the end, there was nothing we could do but wait for the phone company to file a claim.

Once I calmed, I had this enormous let down. Yeah, I was pretty bummed. This was, after all, something my husband surprised me with, a gift from him, as well as something I was really looking forward to. Want to talk about dangling a carrot only to have it ripped away, LOL.

It took another week to get a replacement phone. When it arrived, I did a little mental happy-dance, and then set out to activate it. Typical to this story, there were problems there, too. After a handful of phone conversations and one trip to the AT&T store, we resolved them all. I am now the proud owner of a kick-ass iPhone 4, LOL. I have to say this is the best techno-geeky surprise gift anyone can get!

Face time, anyone??


I also wanted to share some of the great reviews I've gotten for Getting Naughty! I'm thrilled with the way this story is being received!

Oh my God! Kristin Daniels has done it again in a hot, passionate, and wild night of a story. I couldn’t decide who I loved the most, Tara or Jared. Heck, both of them were hot, and man the risk of getting caught was there all the way. I loved that Tara was determined to make her man see she is horny in a way that only he can satisfy. Now Jared, wow, for a man who is a workaholic he sure knows how to let loose. So much passion in this book and man the risks make it hotter than ever. Though it is short, it sure packed a big punch in making it exciting all the way to the end. Get it and a bucket of ice, for Kristin sure has a very dirty, naughty, and oh-so-fun imagination. ~~ Lena, Happily Ever After Reviews

Getting Naughty is an extremely erotic, spice-up-your-marriage tale of naughty pleasure. Jared has become too involved with his work and Tara is there to show him what he's been missing. Their sex is taken to the next level as they try to stay hidden from the cleaning crew (in the supply closet) and still achieve those mind-blowing orgasms. Getting Naughty is sexually explicit, which makes it so much more erotic and enjoyable. Kristin Daniels gives us a treat with this one and in my opinion, Getting Naughty should not be missed! ~~ Ashley, Blackraven's Reviews

Have a great week!


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Congrats on FINALLY getting your phone (and getting it to work) and for the wonderful review on your book!