Kilted Lover... My First Cover!!!

I know it's not my day to blog, but I couldn't wait! I had to share my first book cover, designed by the fabulous and very talented Rae Monet!
Is this a gorgeous, sexy, hot, delicious cover or what?? This guy's body is a prefect replica of the hero's in this story. He's a tall, very muscular guy who tosses cabers for fun. (I told you about him on Tuesday.)
Kilted Lover is a contemporary erotic romance novella which takes place in Charleston, SC, starting at the Scottish Games held there every year. You see the new Cooper River Bridge in the background. I watched the workers construct a small portion of it a few years ago. The beautiful amulet is the touch of paranormal in this story and catalyst for the hero and heroine meeting and getting together.
And this hottie looks reallllly good in a kilt and sporran! ;-)

What a wonderful Christmas present!!
Thanks Rae!!!
23 Responses
  1. Holy Moly. Now *that's* a man in a kilt. :D Congrats, Nicole. I can't wait to read this one.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Ooooh, Nicole! Nice....cover :) Looking forward to reading this one!

  3. Great cover, Nicole. Nice modern touch in the background. Pretty nice foreground, too :-)

  4. Lexi Says:

    Wow!!! That IS hot, Nicole!

  5. carly Says:

    Yum Yum Yum



  6. Perfect cover, Nicole!!! Super hot, just like your writing!!! :)

  7. Mia Varano Says:

    Nicole, we'll forgive you for blogging out of order for THAT! Great cover, hot guy. What more could you ask for for Christmas?

  8. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing my excitement!! I'm so glad you find the cover hot and yummy, like I do! :-) Woohoo!!

  9. Elen Grey Says:

    Yum. He goes really well with my morning coffee and I'm in the snow cave today, so send him right over. Right. Over. Congrats Nicole.

  10. Oh my!!!! I like!!! the BUFF Santa's below aren't half bad either!! Gotta have to douce myself with cold water after looking at this blog!!!

    Congratulations Nicole!!

    Andrea :O)

  11. BookWorm Says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Great cover! I'd love to find him under my tree on Christmas morning.
    Can't wait to read the book.
    Have a great holiday! Gail

  12. Nicole North Says:

    Elen, Chicks and Gail, thanks so much for checking out my cover!! I'm so glad you like it!! :-)

  13. Donnell Says:

    Wow, Nicole, fantastic, and well done to Rae too! You two are unstoppable. Why is it men look so hot with their arms raised?!!

  14. Evie Says:

    Wow, are those abs for real or cg? I wanna touch him!

  15. Nicole North Says:

    Donnell, Evie and Sindee, thanks tons!!! Arm and ab muscles... Mmmm Mmmm....

  16. Cynthia Eden Says:

    Wow!!! That is a great cover! Congrats!

  17. jamiebabette Says:

    Congratulations, Nicole! Excellent.

  18. ShawnaMoore Says:

    Ooooh my, but that's one sexylicious cover hunk, Nicole ;) Congratulations on the wonderful cover, and here's to many more Scotshunks in your publishing future!!!

    Blessings and all the best,


  19. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks tons, ladies!!! I love those Scotshunks, Shawna!! :-)

  20. Hey, Nicole! You know I've been waiting for this story to come out. Awesome cover. Julie

  21. No actually it's your first one I've been waiting for! But that's really great that Kilted Lover has its own cover.
    Who needs to go to sleep now!

  22. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks Julie! We should have the cover for Secrets Vol. 27 soon too (which Devil in a Kilt is in.) Can't wait!

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