Photos of Autumn

Yesterday, we went to a nearby park for a fall picnic. This is the French Broad River in NC. As you can see, some of the leaves have changed to brilliant colors and others haven't.

This is one of my favorite annual flowering vines, Moonflower. The blooms are huge, white and amazing. They unfurl at dusk and close at dawn. I grow the plants from seeds I sow indoors in March or April. In June, I put the seedlings in the ground. This year, the vines were more enthusiastic than usual, overwhelming and weighting down the small trellis. Each flower is as large as my hand. With frost near, I must soon say good-bye to these beauties.


Saskia Walker said...

Gorgeous photos, Vonda! Thanks for sharing them.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much for checking them out, Saskia!! I'm a photo nut. :-)