Beneath the Surface

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While searching for web and Myspace graphics recently, I came across this hauntingly beautiful picture. For some time I pondered the story that sprang from this scene. Raindrops pelted and rippled the water. A hero gazed at the obsidian surface. His beloved mermaid swam somewhere beneath. In a place where he could never exist. How delightful the way her lips puckered into a smile. Her blue eyes flashed like the finest sapphires. He'd kiss her full mouth and tangle his fingers in her wet hair. Her soft moans would fill the night air. Although circumstances currently separated them, the hero's heartbeats quickened at recalling how he'd discovered a way his ladylove might have a chance at survival in his world. He reached over the rowboat’s side and swished his hand in the cool water. Someday. Someway. They would be together.

When you see this picture, what images come to your mind? Share your thoughts with me, readers. Make the picture come alive with your creativity.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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