Guilty Pleasures

Oftentimes resolutions and goals are about giving things up, which is why they usually fail. Why should we give up things that give us pleasure? OK, if they're truly harmful, we definitely need to give it a try. But what about those guilty little pleasures that don't hurt anybody?

Some of my guilty pleasures include: checking out and even voting in the polls of who wears it better; coming home at lunch and watching All My Children; Nacho Doritos; singing very loudly in the car (and sometimes holding my cell phone as a microphone); and panting over David Beckham's Armani underwear adds.
So how about it? Care to shelve those New Year's resolutions and tell us about your guilty little pleasures?


Nicole North said...

Fun post, Carol! I'm definitely with you on checking out David Beckham's underware ads...(sigh!) or any other bare yummy hunks. More little pleasures I like to indulge in: two cups of chocolate, hazelnut latte each day or iced coffee. Watching Lost. Reading/writing sexy romance. Buying new clothes.

Wendi said...

Ooohh, I LOOOOVEEE my guilty pleasures. At the top of the list are: Nick Lachey, anytime anywhere, he just does it for me. Reading and writing hot romance. Bubblebaths. Massages (getting them, I'm not good about returning the favor). Searching for eye candy to post on my blog every Sunday (sometimes that can take hours. :D)
There are oh so many more, but I need to get to work! Fun post today!
Wendi Darlin

Rachelle Chase said...

Oh, I just love your guilty pleasures, Carol. Some of those took real guts to admit. :-) ... I just discovered that Beckham photo earlier this week and have been drooling over it ever since. Sigh...Well, recent guilty pleasures include: Eating a whole bowl of cream cheese frosting that I made for a cake, staying in bed for nearly 24 hours (except for potty and food breaks) to watch 5 DVDs and read 2 books (I should have been WRITING), and lusting after a Mr. Extremely Wrong at a pre-New Year's Eve celebration.
Thanks for the fun post - and delightful procrastination opportunity. :-)

Carol Ericson said...

Nicole, I've never watched Lost, but I've heard good things about it. My TV obsessions are the HBO/Showtime shows. Dexter is my favorite, and The Tudors is coming back. Henry VIII never looked so good! We saw a coat of armor that belonged to Henry VIII at the Tower of London, and it was HUGE.

Wendi, I think I prefer Drew Lachey - gotta love those dance moves. Dancing With the Stars would be another guilty pleasure if I didn't have to help the kids with their homework on weeknights!

Rachelle, I love cream cheese frosting but I don't think I could eat a whole bowl. And Mr. Extremely Wrong is probably Extremely Right in so many ways...

Calista Fox, Author said...

Carol, you've hit upon a favorite topic of mine--guilty pleasures! At the top of my list are: 1) champagne. Anytime, anywhere. Doesn't even have to be a special occasion, I LOVE champagne and typically drink it in lieu of Chardonnay. 2) Flannel sheets. I know they don't sound sexy, but when it's cold out and you're snuggled under a thick comforter with flannel sheets on the bed... mmmm, toasty! And oh-so-cozy when you're sharing those sheets! 3) Godiva chocolate. No explanation needed. 4) Nick Lachey--I'm with you on this one, Wendi. I once had a great photo of him in my portfolio when I met with Brenda Chin, just because it put me in the mood to talk about steamy stories!

And Rachelle, my dear friend, something tells me Mr. Extremely Wrong was lusting back... where are the details??? ;-)

Georgie Lee said...

Great post topic!

My guilty pleasure is watching either "Valley of the Dolls" or, the much more guilty "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". They're so bad, they're good.

Carol Ericson said...

Calista, I love champagne with kir (black currant liquer) - kir royales. So tasty!

Georgie, I don't know those shows but I sure remember reading the book, Valley of the Dolls.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

My main guilty pleasure is taking a whole day off from writing and life's other responsibilities and heading somewhere lots of fond memories and sensory stimulation abound :) Several places come to mind, but they all provide that necessary escape from time to time :)