Winter Flowers

In case I haven't mentioned, two more of my hobbies are gardening and amateur photography. A couple weeks ago I took some photos of the first flowers that popped through the ground and had the courage to bloom while the snow was falling. We had gotten over a foot of snow and when it melted I found these little guys under there. They are iris and snowdrops.
I've grown the iris for about three years and they always come back each year. I've had the snowdrops for over ten years and the little patch of them gets bigger. They're a welcome and cheerful sight toward the end of winter. The first hint of spring.


randy said...

And a photographer too. Geesh. When do you find time to write????

Vonda said...

Amateur photography. Very, very amateur. :-) I took a photography class in college as part of my art minor. One of my photos won a 2nd place prize in the small college's annual literary/art magazine. Half the time people see me I have a camera in my hand just because I like taking pictures. :-) As for the photos here, the credit goes to the macro ability of my small digital camera. All I do is point and click. LOL