Crafts: candles

Two posts in one day, a new record for me. :-) I want to continue the craft discussion mentioned below. Another craft I'm into is candlemaking. The ones I enjoy most look and smell like real desserts. I used to sell these all the time (at craft shows, on eBay or to individuals), or give them as gifts. I've made a lot of cinnamon buns candles. They are among the most popular both in scent and shape.

I do these buns in 10 - 20 different scents and with different toppings. Below is my version of maple pecan buns. The wax pecans look and smell like the real thing because the mold I made them in was formed from real pecans. Some people have tried to eat them. :-)

Below is a caramel apple pie candle with wax apple slices and raisins which I made in molds also. The person who ordered this didn't want a wick in it because she was going to display it in her cabinet and didn't want to burn it.

This is a gingerbread loaf candle. I love those cute little gingerbread men on the side. Happy crafting


randy said...

OMG, Vonda...those are unbelievable! My mouth is watering, and I can just imagine the smell! You are SO talented!!!

Vonda said...

Thanks a bunch, Randy! You're so sweet to say that. :-)