My First Published Story

I'm happy to say my very first short story is out, in the April issue of True Story magazine. It's called "I Went Easter Egg Hunting -- And Found Somebunny Wonderful!" (Title changed from The Easter Prize.) It's a sweet, emotional romance story. Isn't this picture cute, with the Easter eggs and the chicks? :-) And here's the cover also. Since it's my first story published, I had to share. Take care!


Playground Monitor said...

Congratulations! I love the title and the picture too. This is just the beginning for you.

I love this idea -- posting your cover and title page. I think I'll steal the idea and do it too when my story comes out in a few months.

Marilyn (from the Trues group)

Vonda said...

Hey Thanks, Marilyn! Yes, you should post yours too. I look forward to seeing it. Let me know when it's out.
Take care

randy said...

That is WAY cool, VOnda!!! Beautiful cover. I looked for it at the newsstand near me (which usually carries EVERYTHING) but the guy said they must be sold out. WIll look again next week.

Vonda said...

Thanks, Randy! :-)