A Baby Highland Cow in Heather

How cute is this???

This is a baby Highland cow. Here's what he'll look like when he's all grown up. Not someone I want to anger.

It was definitely one of my husband's goals on our trip to see one of these cows, so I was happy that we saw several of them on a couple of occasions. These specimens were on the Applecross peninsula.

Also on the same peninsula, we saw our only stag. We felt lucky to encounter this animal, which is not as plentiful as the sheep!

Of course, sheep are everywhere in Scotland. They are cute. And they graze by the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. Ocean view, no less. I don't think they appreciate it, however. Eating is a full-time job for sheep!

Of course, the wildlife has the right of way on every road. Believe me, there is no way to pass until they decide to get off the road.The roads are very narrow!

Last but not least, the birds of prey. Here is a falcon we saw at Dunrobin Castle as part of a fascinating display done by the keeper there.

At first, I was not happy to see the birds chained to their roosts. But he explained that he is sent injured birds from all over the UK to rehabilitate them. Before he can do anything, he has to calm them down and keep them secure so they can be healed. After that, they are re-released into the wild. He clearly loved his birds so I hope they're treated well. You can read more about Dunrobin Castle here.

The one category of wildlife which is plentiful in Scotland, but which we did not see, is marine life. We simply ran out of time. Oh well, sounds like a great excuse for another trip!

Which of these animals is your favorite?

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