What's in a Desk?

Okay, so I’m here in Los Angeles for five weeks while my husband works on a business project. We’re staying at a well-known Beverly Hills hotel, and since we’re going to be here for more than a month, I brought along my laptop to do some writing while he’s at work. There’s just one problem…

There’s no desk in the room.

What? A hotel room without a desk? There WAS a desk in this hotel room when we were here last January, but now it’s gone. How the heck does a business person (or a girl with a laptop) work in a room without a desk??

Answer: Blame it on the millennials…

I asked about the missing desk at the Concierge Desk in the lobby (oh yes, THEY have a desk!) and was told that their primary hotel clients these days are millennials, and millennials work without desks. Huh? They work on computers, right? Just like the rest of us?

Yes they do. But I was told that their preferred way to work on their computers is to have them propped on their laps on the couch, or else in bed.

I actually confirmed this with my niece, who’s 25. Yep, while at home, she works on her laptop mostly in bed. (Hmm. I forgot to ask her if she has a desk at work.)

Boy, I feel totally out of touch with the modern world.

However, I’m glad to report that this story has a happy ending. The hotel says it regularly deals with Hollywood stars and their outrageous demands (not that I think a desk is an outrageous demand). Thankfully, they had a desk in storage, which they graciously brought up to our room.

So now here I am, writing this blog post. But ironically, I’m sitting on the hotel couch!

Maybe there’s hope yet that I can be trendy…


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