The Ultimate Compliment

Today is my anniversary.

I’ve been married a good long while, but I always get to celebrate the day with five special people. Actually six, if you count me. You see, we all got married on the same day. Not the same year, but the same day.

It started about seven years into my marriage. My friend Suzy said she thought I had such a great marriage that she wanted to get hers off to a (cosmically) good start by holding her wedding day on my anniversary.

And as if that wasn’t compliment enough, three years later my girlfriend Denise did the same thing!

Many times during arguments with my hubby over the years I’ve thought of those girlfriends. I had to set a good example for a happy marriage, right? So hubby and I always ended up kissing and making up.

It helps that every year on my anniversary hubby gives me 22 red roses because I was 22 when we met and he says I’ll ‘always be 22 in his heart.’ Aww… who can argue with a man like that? Gotta love him.

Marriage has its ups and downs, its problems and its challenges. But if you can still say that you like your partner, that you respect him, even after years of togetherness, I think that’s the mark of a successful marriage. I can certainly still say that about my hubby!

Both my girlfriends are still happily married, too. That makes me proud.

My yoga teacher gave the best advice in class one day. She said, “It’s better to be kind than it is to be right.” 

Think of that next time you argue with your hubby, LOL!


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