Fog in Texas and Scotland is Beautiful

Fog before sunrise, summer
Fog at Dawn
 Fog at Dawn, spring
fog, purple butterfly bush, bumblebee 001 (800x533)
Fog after sunrise, summer
bend in the road in fog (640x479)Fog in Scotland when we drove around a bend in the road, October.
fog 005 (800x533)Fog in Crawford, Texas, winter
fog and peach orchard pastel (640x427)Fog in a peach orchard, my next door neighbor’s, pink flowers blossoming in spring.
Terry Eilean Donan (800x452)magical rainbow Eilean Donan (427x640) pretty rainbowFog bow over Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, September.
Fog is beautiful. Evocative, mystical, spooky, beautiful.
Foggy Days Remind Me of Fall
Foggy Days Remind Me of Fall.
Fog in Scotland, Morning Sunrise
Fog in Scotland, Morning Sunrise, September
Fog is fall, winter, spring and summer. spooky fog loch at Eilean Donan Castle (640x427)Reflection of the fog in the lake. Beautiful.
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