When You Forget That You Didn't Forget

Welcome to old age...

So one of my roles in my marriage is "bill payer person." I take this on willingly because I'm good at it and like to keep track of where our money is going. Not because my spouse is gambling our savings away or spending it on hookers or fishing equipment or something, but because I've always been terrible with money and feel good knowing that I might be actually a functioning adult when it comes to finances. Paying bills lets me do this. Most of the time.

Unless one is menopausal, and then paying bills just reminds me of everything I forgot that I remembered. For example, I apparently got online and wrote down the amount I needed to pay for a bill and when I needed to pay it by. Then I didn't pay it. And then suddenly I get the next month's bill and it has not only what I owed, but the late fee to remind me that I intended to pay the bill but apparently didn't. Aarrgh!

I wanted to call the company up and tell them I didn't forget, but that I just forgot that I didn't forget. However, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have gone over very well. I probably would have gotten some condescending young lady to assist me who has no idea that her ovaries will one day turn on her and that her memory will randomly fail her. Then I would have been forced to get snippy.

I try to avoid snippy, but, honestly, if I forget that I forgot and someone gets upset about it, what am I supposed to do? My options are limited, especially since I can't, most of the time, remember what those options are.

I hope your summer is going well. Happy Reading!

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