Love Modern Day Fairy Tales??

The stories in my Her Royal Romance series have been referred to as modern day fairy tales. Handsome prince. Beautiful princesses. Sexy security guards and royal palaces. Love that should never be between royals and commoners. Modern day fairy tales indeed.

I've just released a box set that includes all three Her Royal Romance novels and a short story that originally appeared in the charity anthology, Love Is... If you love to binge read a series, here's your chance!

These are standalone contemporary romances - sexy and emotional tales of passionate royals unable to resist falling in love with the common man – or woman.

Her Royal Masquerade – a novel
A prince looking for a royal bride – a woman masquerading as a princess. Mia slips from his bed before morning but when Vittorio discovers the deception, he kidnaps her to be his mistress until the real princess appears. Soon she’s in danger of falling for a man she can never have.
Her Royal Bodyguard – a novel
After almost getting kidnapped, Princess Angelina is swept away by royal bodyguard Rico for her protection. While they hide out, pretending to be a newlywed couple, they can’t resist the attraction they feel for each other. But when danger strikes again, it may be too late to explore the love they never expected to find.
Her Royal Rendezvous – a short story
When Liliana sees Tony, head of royal security, at the prince’s wedding reception, she knows she’s never gotten over him. So she agrees to meet him at their old rendezvous spot one last time. Tony never stopped loving Lil, even after she broke off their engagement. He’ll do whatever he can to show her she means the world to him. And that a single rendezvous will never be enough
Her Royal Mistake – a novel

A night of passion with a handsome olive farmer leaves Princess Birgitte pregnant. A man of honor, Nardo proposes to the “Ice Princess” but he won’t be satisfied with a marriage in name only. He’s determined to shatter the ice around her heart…but any means necessary.

The Her Royal Romance box set is now available at a great price - it's like getting one book free!

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