The Snow Job
Happy January!

I know it's cold outside in most parts of the earth, and I'm always ready for spring to come, but in the meantime, it certainly is nice weather to cuddle up with a book. And, of course, I have one I'd like to recommend. lol

Most brides on their wedding day are worried about their hair, their make-up, and setting up perfect family pictures, but Marina Fareeky's got bigger worries. In The Snow Job, Para Marshall Fareeky plans the ultimate sting operation to capture the head of the Nicholas vampyre clan, but she's in for an unsettling surprise. Just before she begins her walk down the aisle into the arms of one very tempting paranormal fugitive, she's informed by headquarters that a truce has been reached with the clan, and she's on her own. With no backup and trapped in the icy tundra at the top of the world, Marina has few choices. Escape means exposure, to both the elements and to the paranormal guests her fiance invited to the wedding, who will be none too pleased to discover that she's a Para Marshall. With no other options, she faces marriage to an otherworldly groom or certain death. Now the one who has been hunting her with the intent to make her his own forever awaits at the altar, and the wedding march has just begun...

The Snow Job has been one of my favorites because it was my first attempt at writing a vamp erotica story. Aleksi is gloriously proud and stubborn, and Marina has no patience for lawbreakers, so their chemistry was great fun to script. I hope if you get a chance to read it that you think so, too. Happy Reading!

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