The Love Affair of...

Men and their Cars

Who has a father like mine who buys a new car every six months?

His mind seems as sharp as ever, but this behavior, well I don't know.

The it car of my father's childhood was the Cadillac. Plus, he has always had a determination to buy American. So, as an adult, even though he knew the Caddy was no longer the it car, he bought them for many years. He even kept each car for at least a few years.

Then the Caddy dealer charged him almost $1,000 to change a headlight (one of those LED things).

The love affair was over.

My father informed us he wanted a Prius. No, we said, with more than a little alarm. You don't go from a Cadillac to a Prius. You won't be happy. 

He would not be dissuaded and before I knew it, he was the proud owner of a car that made him feel environmentally helpful. The first non-American car he ever purchased. (He told us it was okay because they were made in the US.)

Within six months, the Prius was sitting in my driveway. He was going to be traveling for an extended period of time and he thought I might want to drive it. I knew that love affair was now over, as well. But I dutifully took the car out every week to keep the battery charged. (No, I did not become a fan.)

He returned from his trip, picked up the car, and I never saw it again.

He bought a sports car. Candy apple red. (I don't know what kind.) 

Okay, he'd been tainted for too many years by the stodgy image of the Caddy. I got it. He loved his new car. Power, zippiness, and...bright red. (Of course, he is colorblind.) My husband and I were baffled. It really is a young man's car. But, hey, that's probably the reason he loves it, right?

Last night my nephew was here. "Papa's getting a new car," he said. Really? He already has a new car.

"He's buying a Cadillac."

Full circle.

The best part? We, his progeny, are thrilled that he's having fun with his ever-changing roster of automobiles. He was always a thrifty man and, raising five kids, he had to be. It's nice to see him throw his money around for fun.

However, I don't understand the love affair between men and their cars. (These antiques are not his, but my brother has half a dozen antiques. But that's another story.)

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Vonda Sinclair said...

What a fun story, Carly. I enjoyed reading about your dad and his cars. :)