Seduction: One Fortune At A Time

Here’s a nice way to kick off fall… I’m one of seven authors – including my fellow Fierce Romance blog-mate Carly Carson – featured in a new anthology called Seduction…One Fortune At A Time.

All the stories revolve around a fortune teller’s prediction, but that’s where the similarities end. The anthology features contemporary, paranormal, historical stories and just about every genre in-between. A jam-packed 477 pages of romance, all for just .99 for a limited time!

My tale is called Fear Of Flying. Here’s the blurb:

“You’re never going to die in a plane crash…”

A mysterious fortune teller’s prediction plays right into book publicist Jessie Jordan’s biggest fear. A difficult childhood has left Jessie determined to control all aspects of her life, but she can’t control airplanes…

Travel writer Regan Quade also has control issues. A devastating event during his time in the military has scarred him into believing he needs to remain single. He can’t risk being responsible for anyone else’s life.

But during a nationwide media tour to promote Regan’s newest travel book, Jessie’s fear of flying prompts Regan to help calm her anxiety in a shocking and highly intimate way. 

The sudden change in their relationship from professional to personal unleashes their mutual attraction, but Jessie doesn’t know if there’s any way to pierce the wall Regan’s built around his heart.

This tale is practically autobiographical. Almost everything in the story reflects something that’s actually happened to me in real life. The fortune teller. The fear of flying. The nail-biting, turbulent flights. Just not the sex-on-a-plane part of the story! They say ‘write what you know’ and I took that to heart with this story, LOL.

Fear Of Flying is also my first contemporary romance. I usually write Victorian romance or sagas set in ancient Rome, and I feel a little exposed writing a contemporary tale. Weird, but true. I sincerely hope my readers will come along for this (literal) wild ride

Here are the buy links in case you’d like to treat yourself to seven sexy tales for just .99…

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Oh, and here’s a fun fact:  I’ve read that Hollywood is making a movie of Erica Jong’s 1970’s book Fear Of Flying. Hows that for timing?

How about you? Afraid to fly? Another fear you’d like to talk about? Tell me all!


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