Great Reviews for The Cottage Next Door!!!

It's been almost a week since The Cottage Next Door released from Samhain Publishing. I've been thrilled with the positive response!

"The author did a great job drawing the reader into the heartache of Hunter and Sylvie. Once I started the book I couldn’t set it down.
It’s a beautifully written love story that merged the past with the present. Leaving me, the reader, teary eyed throughout the book."

~ 5 Stars!! and a "A True Gem" rating from Guilty Pleasures Book Review

"THE COTTAGE NEXT DOOR is the second book I have read by Natasha Moore. She has a way of making the reader feel the sorrow and emotion in her characters. Be prepared to laugh one minute and cry the next. A strong willed and determined woman always makes a good story when she's fighting for what she loves and someone she is determined to heal. Natasha Moore is gifted with her words which make the reader feel strong emotions."

~ 5 Stars!! from Fresh Fiction

"This book is perfect for a lazy day in the sun on the beach...I love the interaction between the two characters and the dog especially as they start falling for each other."

~ 5 Stars!! from Mrs B's Books

Did you know how important reviews are to an author? It's not only a way for us to get the word out about our stories, but it also lets potential readers know what to expect when they might be intrigued by a cover or a blurb from a new-to-them author. It helps with visibility and it lets us know what our readers like (and don't like) and can help us decide which potential story ideas will appeal to our readers and which we might want to hold onto for another time. So if you have a couple of minutes when you finish a book, give an honest review. Thank you in advance!

Here's another excerpt The Cottage Next Door:

Hunter still didn’t know how he’d let Sylvie Chase get under his skin, or how she’d gotten him to agree to have dinner with her, but as he stepped into a pair of shorts and tugged on a T-shirt, he was struck with a strange sense of anticipation. The steaks smelled amazing. His stomach growled. He was getting tired of the crap he’d been living on for the past few months. Yeah, that was the only reason he could think of why he’d agreed to join her for dinner.

When he stepped back out onto his deck, he saw she’d taken the steaks off the grill. She stood beside the decked-out picnic table, looking a little apprehensive. Maybe she’d realized she was out of her mind to invite a jerk like him any closer.

His gaze skimmed over her skimpy top with the thin straps and the hard nipples poking at the fabric, drawing attention to her perky breasts that obviously were not being restrained by a bra of any sort. He swallowed and let his eyes drop over the shorts hugging her narrow hips and down the tanned legs until he saw the bright purple polish, the same deep purple as that tiny top, sparkling on her toenails.

“Hungry?” Her voice wasn’t much above a whisper. She cleared her throat and then louder said, “Come on over.”

Dinner. He was coming over for dinner. Hunter’s mouth watered when the scent of the meat hit him again. He grabbed a couple of cans from the ever-iced cooler beside his chair. “Beer?”

She nodded. “Thanks.”

He handed her the cans over the railings, then boosted himself over to join her. Riley barked and ran down one set of stairs and up the other. At Hunter’s command, the dog curled up on the floor beside him.

Sylvie gestured to one side of the picnic table. It was shaded by an umbrella and covered with a long cloth splashed with flowers of red, yellow and blue. A bright orange salad bowl sat in the middle, and the steaks had been placed on heavy green plates. He wasn’t surprised to see she liked lots of color in her life.

They sat down on opposite sides and their knees bumped under the narrow table. They shifted so they no longer touched, then looked at each other. Looked away. Looked back. She didn’t have a stitch of makeup on, but she was just about the prettiest thing he’d ever seen.

No, that wasn’t true. Jenny had been pretty too. Beautiful. She’d been beautiful but in a different way, with long blond curls and a pouty mouth and full breasts he got lost in. But even as he thought about his wife, he couldn’t help but notice the light sprinkling of freckles across Sylvie’s cheek. How could freckles be sexy?

The Cottage Next Door
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