It's My Birthday Week-Let's Have a Contest!
This past weekend I finished up final line edits on Silken Canvas, my December release from Samhain. I love this book so much and can't wait to share it with all my readers!

Brendan Cole burst onto the art scene in a blaze, creating erotic works of art from beautiful women. Recently, though, reviews suggest that his brilliance is burning out. He knows what’s missing—inspiration. He lost it the day his ex-lover and muse, Ashley Mancuso, walked out on him.
Together, they can once again create the erotic images that will silence the critics forever.
When Ashley runs into Brandon at an art gallery, their attraction is as hot as ever. Though she swore to never again take second place to his art, she finds herself agreeing to an impromptu photo shoot. Once in front of his lens, five long years of suppressing her kinky side melts away—and shakes her resolve to keep it strictly business.
One spellbinding session after another makes it impossible to resist talking of fantasies and long-buried desires. But once the images hit the gallery walls, all the fears and insecurities that drove them apart create a rift wide enough for danger to find its way in…
Warning: Contains a sexy, tortured artist, his gorgeous muse, and a string of pearls that creates one very erotic BDSM fantasy.

Silken Canvas will release on Dec 25th, 2012.

As release day draws closer, I'm planning some fun giveaways, but even though it's too far away for that yet, we can still celebrate. My birthday is Wednesday! So to celebrate, I'm giving away a $10 Samhain gift card. Silken Canvas isn't available for pre-order yet, but I have an extensive back list if you'd like to try some of my other stories. Or take your pick from some of the other talented Samhain authors. Up to you.

All you need to do is leave a comment along with your e-mail address. The contest will run through Wednesday and I'll pick a winner on Thursday. I'm planning my promo now for Silken Canvas, so in your comment I'd like to know how you find out about the books you end up buying. Facebook? Twitter? Publisher loops? Amazon suggestions? Blogs? Ads? Where should I focus my limited promotional time & money? I'd love to know!

Plaything - Paolo's Playhouse #4
Silken Canvas - coming Dec 25th
19 Responses
  1. Ashlyn Chase Says:

    Not until Christmas? Oh, what a long time to wait. I don't blame you for being excited. It sounds like a wonderful book.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Maria Says:

    Can't wait for this to come out - it sounds delightfully naughty!

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  3. Sherry Says:

    Sounds like I have another book on my must read pile... Thanks Natasha. And a great big Happy Birthday.. Have a blast!!!

    sherry (dot) ingalls (@) yahoo (dot) com

  4. Chrisbails Says:

    Sounds like a good book, great cover. I find out about books from others blogs, facebook, or twitter. On facebook & twitter I see what others post, I have found some great authors from facebook and twitter friends. Blog posts-I find most of my book and author recommendations from these. I follow the blogs and they do the recommendations. I also received some books this way also. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Hope you have a great bday.

  5. Joanne Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Is it December yet? I usually find out about books through friends on Facebook, and Twitter, and also through blog posts. I don't really pay attention to ads or even Amazon suggestions.


  6. June M. Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.

    Most of the time, I find new books via blogs, but also on Amazon suggestions, facebook, etc. Unfortunately, the people in my real life don't enjoy reading or enjoy the same types of books I do so I don't get recommendations from them.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  7. Jan Says:

    I usuually find out about books by publisher loops, blogs, amazon. Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo. Mine was Friday.,

  8. Happy Birthday, Natasha!!

  9. Ann Q Says:

    Happy Birthday. I usually see the authors promoting their new books on their blogs.

  10. Word of mouth is the most influential methods of book finding for me. Twitter plays the next largest role.

    Good luck with the blog tour!

  11. Mary Hughes Says:

    Happy Birthday! I find most of my new reads at the library which doesn't help much lol. Second is free short stories followed by covers that catch my eye at blog sites.

    Looking forward to Silken Canvas!

  12. Sabine Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Love finding new authors and looking forward to Silken Canvas!
    Great cover!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I usually find out about books through a few review blogs that I follow up daily and some Yahoo group leads to blogs. My friends don't share my main reading interests so their influence is limited.
    a dot charol at yahoo dot ca

  14. Cathy M Says:

    Happy birthday, Natasha, hope you day involves cake of some kind!

    As for stories, I find new authors and books on publisher loops like Samhain, my favorite blogs and messages on my Facebook page.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  15. Becki Wyer Says:

    Happy birthday Natasha.
    That write-up sounds so hot. I can't wait for it to be released.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  16. Shelley Says:

    How awesome would this prize be? I scour the internet, emails from friends, Amazon, publisher websites, blogs, everywhere...

    sasims526 at

  17. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day, got a couple new outfits and dinner out with hubby and friends. :)

    Hubby picked a post # at random for the winner. So...drum roll...Shelley you won the $10 Samhain gift card! Congrats! Look for an e-mail from me shortly. :)

    Thanks to everyone for letting me know how you find books and authors. Hope you'll look for Silken Canvas in Dec!


  18. Shelley Says:

    Wow! Thanks so much! And how appropriate cuz my bday is Monday the 17th so I'm really grateful! Hope yours was awesome!!! Thanks again!!

    BTW...I did just receive the email from Samhain and imported that baby into my account. Now I will be drumming my fingers waiting for "Silken Canvas" to be released.

  19. Hey, Happy Birthday, Shelley! Thanks for letting me know you got your gift cert ok. Enjoy :)

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