My Fierce Highlander in Print!

I'm happy to announce that My Fierce Highlander is now available in trade sized paperback!

The book also received a great new review from Heather at Book Savvy Babe. This review was posted at Amazon.

*4.5 of 5 Stars*

I began reading this book late one evening, and I couldn't put it down. I quickly became absorbed in the story and every time I told myself I would put it down at the next chapter, I kept reading. Gwyneth is a widow and a disgraced English Lady. After her disgrace, she was sent to live with distant relatives in Scotland, who treated her like a commodity. [She] hates violence, especially the Highlanders who do nothing but fight. However, when she finds Alasdair and sees that he truly wants peace, the only thing she can do is help the wounded highlander heal. When her relatives find she helped the enemy, she has to run for her life with her son and hope that the wounded Highlander will help her. Alasdair is the Laird of his clan, and grateful for the help Gwyneth gave him. He agrees to help her, but keeping her with him is a difficult task, especially when her clan is willing to kill to get her back.

Gwyneth is an intriguing character. She is a Lady who has adapted very well to her life's circumstances. She went from being a well-educated English Lady to a poor relation of a dirty, mean Scottish Clan Laird. She handles the situation well, she makes due, raises her son the best she can, and she learns how to be a healer. The main issue I have with Gwyneth is that she is pretty over-protective of her son. She hates the violence so much and wants to be away from it so badly that she can overlook some of the more important aspects of life, such as a good man who loves her son.

I love Alasdair, he is a laird who puts his clan first and he is very honorable. Alasdair struggles with his attraction to Gwyneth because he loved his first wife (who died) so much. He has to let go of the past and risk himself when it comes to Gwyneth. I admire him for his dedication and his loyalty. He challenges Gwyneth to be the woman he knows she can be, the Lady.

As I said, I couldn't put this book down. The pacing is excellent, there is never a dull moment and there are so many different elements to this story. Gwyneth has a past from England and from her clan that clash with her current situation. There is always something happening, going wrong, and the attraction between Alasdair and Gwyneth progresses through it all.

My Fierce Highlander is a thrilling adventure and love story enmeshed in the times of warring Highland clans and stuffy English Lords. Historical romance readers, I highly recommend reading My Fierce Highlander, this is a highlander story worth reading. Heather at Book Savvy Babe

Thanks so much, Heather!

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