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While I've always agreed with Dorothy Gale that, "There's no place like home," traveling to new and favorite places is one of my favorite pastimes. Not only does each trip provide great scenery and a welcome getaway, but it also gives me a chance to research locales which often are chosen as settings for my novels.

Each of my stories available at Ellora's Cave was set in a place I've visited on more than one occasion. Yes, even Hell is a spot where real-life events found me forced into its depths. While it's rewarding and exciting to launch into flights of fantasy, there was nothing more valuable to my writing than actually witnessing the fascinating details of those destinations and stimulating my senses with their overwhelming details.

In HELLE IN HEELS and TO HELLE AND BACK AGAIN, the Devil's daughter uses her wits and sex appeal to survive against all odds when she's dealt the ultimate challenges by her fiendish father and various villains.

Kimberly Taylor returns to a small town in Texas to slay some sexual demons and explore erotic possibilities with the ROUGHRIDER who may become more to her than a childhood friend.

Eve Morneau is TORMENTED once she's bitten by a rare beatle. She suffers the pain and agony of its poison as well as betrayal by a loved one and a raging conflict between her morals and a sexual awakening by the man who must heal her malady that defies traditional medical therapy of the day.

Each of these women embarks on a journey that thrusts them into situations seemingly more than beyond their control. Only by taking leaps of faith and learning to trust in others, as well as in their feminine instinct, allows them to achieve personal success, heal their bodies and minds, and find the love they sought for so long.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Barbara Longley said...

Oh, man! Your pictures so make me want to head straight back to Scotland. My dream is to save enough $ to rent a cottage in the Highlands and spend a summer there just writing my little heart out!