Time of My Life

Today I'm relaxing after the last few crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, over-eating, emotional holiday celebrating days. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and now comes the time when we tend to look back. Over the past year. Over the past decade.

And look ahead.

But I didn't want to write a typical heading-to-the-new-year post - there will be lots of them over the next week or two. So, since our theme this week is time, I hopped over to You Tube to see what music videos had to offer.

There was Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time. Totally dated but a cool little mini-movie - my favorite type of music video.

There's the Glee version of Time Warp - what fun!

Then came the perfect time video. What romance lover hasn't played and re-played this scene from Dirty Dancing? My love of the good girl/bad boy romances didn't start with this movie, but this movie certainly fed that love. Unfotunately, I wasn't able to embed the video in this post, but click here for Time of Your Life and enjoy!

And looking back over the past twelve months, I have to admit it was a pretty good year. Not only is my recent release, See Me, doing well, but I'm looking forward to a four story series being released from Samhain, starting sometime this coming spring.

And looking ahead to 2011, I can hope I'll be able to say I'm having the time of my life.



Nicole North said...

Oh, Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies of all time. But it also makes me so sad now. Congratulations on your great year and new sales!

Natasha Moore said...

Thanks, Nicole. Yeah, Dirty Dancing always brings me back. RIP Patrick Swayze.