Please Welcome Fierce New Member Anne Rainey!
Hi, we're thrilled to welcome Anne Rainey on board as an awesome new member of Fierce Romance!

Anne lives in a small town way out in the middle of no-where-ville. She is a gorgeous blonde with wonderful curves and a money tree in the backyard. She never wants for anything and she always loves everyone. Of course, she wasn't always this way.

It all started on one Rainey day, as she was sitting on her comfy couch,
reading a romance novel and sipping a hot chocolate. She realized the book she was reading seemed to lack a certain 'vavavoom!'. Thus, the talented, beautiful, and rich Anne Rainey was born.

Clearly, Anne is a mere figment. A ghostly figure that pops in and out of my head like a drive-by author. Nevertheless, I do so love it when she's visiting, because her imagination really is wickedly delicious! She'll bring you fantasies and erotic delights that will have you grabbing the ice water!

Whew, hot covers! (okay, I have my ice water. I'm ready.) Welcome, Anne!! Please tell us about your books.
I write mainly contemporary romance with lots of heat. I've dabbled a bit in the paranormal arena, but my first love is contemporary. Modern settings,
everyday people finding love when they least expect it.

My current release, Turbulent Passions, which just released with Samhain,
does have some psychic elements and that was great fun to create. Here's a
blurb for ya:

Love. Is it blind luck? Or just a lump on the head?

Sapphire Demas and her twin brother have a secret. Since the awful day their parents were killed, they've been in hiding, fearful the same fate will befall them. Now she's grown tired of living a half-life, tired of lying. She wants something just for herself. When she stumbles across an unconscious man while hiking through the woods and brings him home to heal, she knows she's found it. Even if he's a dangerous outsider.

Investigative journalist Adam Richton trusts only one thing-his nose for news. He's never failed to get a story and doesn't intend to start now. Until a beautiful and mysterious woman rescues him. In an instant, he forgets all about his career. Now all he wants is Sapphire, any way he can get her.

Then he witnesses something extraordinary that puts his reporter instincts back on full alert. Something that exposes Sapphire's secrets, challenges him to believe the unbelievable and to trust in something way out of his comfort zone: love.

And Later this month my first print release with Samhain will be available. Seduce Me is a two in one. Touching Lace and Tasting Candy, the first two stories in my Vaughn series, available under one cover!

Here's a blurb:
Melts in your mouth-not in your heart

Anne Rainey takes indulging the senses to a whole new level with two stories that are melt-in-your-mouth sexy!

This duet of novellas is melt-in-your-mouth sexy! In "Touching Lace," Lacey is tired of rejection and turns to her best friend for lessons in seduction. But from Nick's first touch, lessons fly out the window-all she wants is more of him, and him alone. In "Tasting Candy," Blade is hungry for sex and there's only one woman on his menu-Candice. Except Candy is afraid of her own shadow. Blade sets out to prove that sex with him is just the therapy she needs.

These sound fantastic! What inspires you? What motivates you?

Youth. That's the honest truth. I love watching teenagers fall in love. That
first shy glance, the sweet hand holding, that feeling that you don't want
to spend even a second apart. That's what inspires me to write romance. I
love watching people falling in love! It's beautiful and exciting and it
makes me feel alive.

Yeah! I'm the same way. I like to "people watch" those who are falling in love. What is your writing process or method?

I have a strange process. LOL! I can't write a single sentence without a title. I always have my title, my characters' names, the town name, all of it's named ahead of time. Once I have the names figured out, I work out the plot. Most of the time I do a brief outline or synopsis, nothing extravagant, just something to have on hand, then I write.

What was the most important thing you learned (the thing that made all the difference) just before you made your first sale?

That your 'voice' is your biggest advantage over the competition. Learn and grow as a writer, but don't let anyone change your voice!

Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

Keep an open mind and never stop studying your craft. In addition, reviewers, other authors, editors and agents can point out things you simply can't see. As writers we see the big picture, others tend to see the details. Let them point them out to you!

What's next for you?

At the moment my focus is entirely on the single title I'm working on, Body Rush, which releases next year through Kensington. After that I'll have another single title with them, and then I'll be focusing my attention on a series I've been outlining. Things will undoubtedly slow down as I won't have as much time to work on short stories and novellas, but readers will get bigger, meatier stuff from me.
Sounds fantastic, Anne! Congratulations on all your recent sales and new contracts! We're so happy you've joined us here at FR! Everyone, please visit Anne's website at:
Anne is giving away a book today! Woot!! A print copy of Seduce Me to one lucky person who comments! (Check out the yummy cover and blurbs above!)
49 Responses
  1. Riley Quinn Says:

    Welcome Anne! I love your Vaughn series and Forbidden Fruit. Any more Vaughn stories coming down the pike?

  2. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Riley! I do have more Vaughn stories actually. Merrick Vaughn's story comes out June 2nd, Taking Chloe. And then in August, Grace Vaughn (their younger cousin) has a story, Tempting Grace. Beware, both stories are scorchers!! LOL

    Thanks for visiting me here today! :)

  3. Debby Says:

    Wow, you have a money tree. Please send me a clipping. I could use one. LOL
    I enjoy your books. Welcome

  4. lastnerve Says:

    LOL, I loved the interview and since you are absolutely beautiful and have a money tree, you now have a BFF! Lets home it's contagious! Your books look so interesting and the covers are so H H H Hot! I can't wait to read them

  5. Redz Says:

    do you have much say over your cover art? how important is this?
    and CONGRATES! throwing tons of confetti for you!

  6. Nice to "meet" you, Anne. You have quite a variety of stories. Keep that ghostly figure popping in and out of your head!

  7. Anne Rainey Says:

    Debby--LOL! My husband keeps trying to tell me we DON'T have a money tree, but what does he know?! :-p

    lastnerve--hehe! Hi BFF! And thanks for the compliments on the covers. Scott, cover artist at Samhain does an awesome job!

  8. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Redz! Well, at my epublishers, Samhain and Red Sage, yes I have some say over cover art. They are wonderful about working with their authors. With Kensington, I'm learning, it's a different matter. You get what you get. LOL ;-)

    Hi Pat--Thanks a bunch for taking the time to comment! :)

  9. Chris R Says:

    Hi Anne,

    I love series books! I look forward to more books from you.

  10. Judy Says:

    Great post!! I love your books. I really like the cover of Seduce Me, it is HOT !! I like the white underwear :) Congrats!!

  11. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Chris!
    Thanks a bunch! :)

  12. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Judy!

    Oh lordy, I agree. I got so lucky with that cover. Man, I love it. Scott Carpenter is a cover genius, I swear!

    Thanks, for visiting me here today! :)

  13. housemouse88 Says:

    Hello Anne,

    Your books sound amazing. The covers are so hot!!!! Would love to win your book. Have a great day.

  14. Hi Anne! I am so glad to see you here as a new member!!

    Love your premise for Turbulent Passions. You have great premises for all of your stories. Congrats on getting on board with Kensington. Sounds like you have enough to keep you busy with that story and posting blogs here and Three Wicked Writers. Oh, and the Samhain Weblog. Thanks for sharing your advice here about voice and critiques for unpublished writers.

    It's so true about watching teenagers, as I watch my almost 18 year old son in love--with some trepidation for the inevitable break=up and heartache, as he's about to graduate and she's in 9th grade. I keep thinking up stories about how they'll get together later when they're both older. Except that she has an identical twin who I'd swear was sweet on him. And that's the truth! Ah, so many scenarios . . .

  15. Oh, Anne, I get the last name for Rainey (one rainy day), but is Anne also a pseudonym? And if so, why did you pick Anne? (It's my middle name)

  16. tatertot374 Says:

    Love the interview! The book sounds fantastic! Thank you for the chance!

  17. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Julie!
    Thanks for visiting me here! I hear you about the teen. My daughter is totally in love with a guy and it's both exciting and scary!

    As to the name--Anne is my middle name. :)

  18. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Tatertot! Thanks for commenting! :)

  19. Barb Says:

    Hi Anne, Just thought I'd stop in and wish you luck here on the new blog! You already know how I feel about your books. LOVE THEM!

  20. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hey Barb! Thanks for visiting me over here! :)

  21. Anonymous Says:



  22. I love your covers!!!!!!!!

  23. nancyg1950 Says:

    Hi Anne;
    Between the Cafe and another spot, I think I'm spending a lot of time with you. I keep hoping that if you post enough excerpts, I won't need to actually get the books LOL, but I'll buy them all eventually. I love your writing, and enjoy the people and places you come up with. Thanks for the enjoyment
    Nancy g aka joshgranny

  24. Anne Rainey Says:

    LOL, Linda!! Hey, a girl can pretend! :-P

    Thanks, Jeanne!

  25. Anne Rainey Says:

    LOL, Nancy! We've gotta stop meeting like this! Thanks for posting, lady! :)

  26. robynl Says:

    I have to read Seduce Me and find out what lessons she receives in seduction. Might be some helpful tips. Please enter me.

  27. Jodi Says:

    Holy cow, Anne, I've been in the dark! I didn't realize that you had books coming out with Kensington! Major congrats!
    I am so far behind on my reading - life has just gotten so busy for me.
    Major hugs & congrats!

  28. Anne Rainey Says:

    Robynl--hehe! Thanks for commenting!

    Hey Jodi! I've wondered where you've been! Yep, three books with Kensington Aphrodisia. Cool, eh? :) Thanks for visiting me over here!

  29. Eva S Says:

    Great interview! I love series and would like to try this one!
    Beautiful website!

  30. Estella Says:

    Wow, I didn't know you wrote for Kensington.
    Gorgeous covers for your books.

  31. Anne! Welcome to the Fierce Romance blog. We're thrilled to have you join us. (If I go to Haley's Cabin, can I get what's on the cover?)

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoyed reading the comments. I like to find new and different authors to read so I have included this book on my TBR list.

  33. Sandra Says:

    Congratulations on joining a new group. I love your books--haven't read them all but I'm working on it. Just keep them coming...

  34. Anne Rainey Says:

    Thanks, Eva! :)

    Estella--Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I just signed three contracts with Kensinton Aphrodisia and will have my first release out with them March 2010. I'm really excited!

  35. Anne Rainey Says:

    Thanks for having me, Carol! LOL, no I don't think the hunk comes with the cabin. Darn it anyway! :-P

    Joye--Thanks for visiting me over here! :)

  36. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Sandra! Thanks for buying my books, glad you enjoy them! I shall do my best to keep you supplied! :)

  37. Natasha Says:

    Hey Anne! Great to see you here. I love your Kensington title. Looking forward to reading it. Not til next year, huh?? Sigh...

  38. Karin Says:

    Great interview! I love all the covers and the blurbs about the books. They all sound fantastic.

  39. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hey Natasha! Thanks a bunch! I'm (as you can imagine) nervous as heck about my first Kensington book!

    Hi Karin--Thanks for commenting. I will admit, I love Samhain and Red Sage cover art. They're superb!

  40. Amy S. Says:

    Seduce Me sounds great! Haley's Cabin was a great read!

  41. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Amy! Thanks so much! I did enjoy writing Haley's Cabin. And since it was my first release I still have a special fondness for Haley and Jay. :)

  42. Anonymous Says:

    that sounds hot such hot covers congrats

    please count me in


  43. Anne Rainey Says:

    Thanks so much for commenting, KH! :)

  44. Anne Rainey Says:

    And the winner is....


    Congrats, you've won a signed copy of "Seduce Me". Email me at: with your mailing address so I can get your book out to you ASAP!

    Thanks to everyone for welcoming here at Fierce Romance AND for entering my contest! :)

  45. Congrats HouseMouse!!
    (Love that name)

  46. Anonymous Says:

    wtg winner

  47. I'm late on this. Sorry. Great interview and welcome, Anne!!

  48. I'm late on this. Sorry. Great interview and welcome, Anne!!

  49. Welcome, Anne! I'm so far behind on anything it's not funny. :) Great interview!

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