A Kiss

Robert Burns said it best, I think:

To a Kiss

Humid seal of soft affections,

Tend'rest pledge of future bliss,

Dearest tie of young connections,

Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss.

*sigh* The man knew his way to a woman's heart, huh? Well, when I think of the most romantic thing kissing definitely comes to mind. A kiss can convey so much. Words are just words, but a kiss is like a brand on the soul. At 41 years old it's easy to let the romance slide in a relationship. It's easy to get into that comfortable routine. But when he kisses me, my heart does little flip-flops, my stomach starts to flutter a little and suddenly I'm a young girl again feeling love for the first time. He can do that to me at the drop of a pin. It's a little scary actually. LOL

So, the other day when my daughter had her boyfriend over and they went outside in the rain, my husband started to frown and do that growling thing that only a father can do. I hushed him and reminded him that we were teenagers once, too. Later, after Matt left, Kati came in and I could swear stars were in her eyes. Real stars! They'd danced in the rain and then he'd kissed her, she said. She had a smile like nothing I've ever seen before. "Mom, how romantic is that?" She said. It was such a profound moment for her and I both. My daughter is growing up, becoming a woman and I'm so blessed to be able to watch it happen.

I know she went to bed thinking of that kiss. I can see her laying in the dark, smiling and thinking of Matt. He twirled her around, rain drizzling down, and they shared a sweet, youthful kiss. It'll be a memory she'll always carry with her. Heck, I should know. :)

However, my youngest daughter was rather disgusted. "Ew, they kissed?!" Surprisingly, it was my husband that piped up and said, "Kissing isn't so bad. You're mom and I kissed in the rain a few times". He looked at me with that intense look he gets and for a moment I was a teenager all over again, falling in love for the first time.

Yeah, a kiss from him still sends butterflies through me and I hope it always does.

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  1. Carly Carson Says:

    That was just the sweetest blog. It's nice to be reminded that life can sometimes be so simple as a kiss in the rain.


  2. Stacy~ Says:

    Awww. How sweet for her. And how wonderful it reminded you and the DH of yourselves at that age. Good memories :)

  3. My 9 y.o. DD always says, "I don't get kissing." I reply, "You're not supposed to yet. But you will."


  4. Anne Rainey Says:

    Carly--It was so sweet, I swear. And Matt is a really good kid. He treats Kati like she's going to break or something. His mother has made quite a gentleman out of him.

  5. Anne Rainey Says:

    Stacy--My DH isn't the most romantic guy, but when he does get romantic I melt and he knows it! LOL

  6. Anne Rainey Says:

    LASR--LOL! That's my youngest daughter's reaction too! She's 14 and still thinks it's gross. That's okay though. I'm in no rush for her to figure out how wonderful it is! *g*

  7. Kristin Says:

    How romantic! I took a walk in the rain once with my hubby. He bought me a rose from a street vendor and kissed me. **Sigh. Those memories always get me.

  8. Awww, how sweet. My 13-yr old is definitely interested in girls and he took one to their winter dance, but I don't know if he's kissed a girl yet. He and my younger son (11) were going back and forth in the car one day about who has actually kissed a girl, but I think most of it was just "talk." LOL They start so young...

    I'm afraid my first kiss was rather awful. I was 14 and this boy used tongue and everything. I was totally grossed out and didn't kiss again from probably another year! LOL

  9. Nicole North Says:

    Great post, Anne!! That is soooo romantic and sweet!

  10. Awww, Anne, that is so poetic: A kiss is like a brand on the soul. I love it! And that is so sweet about your daughter and the stars in her eyes. Very inspirational!

    YOung love!! I see it in my son's eye's when he comes back from visiting his girlfriend and her family, though he tries to avoid my eyes like he's embarrassed.

  11. Oh, I think Cher sang it best: If you wanna know if he loves you so, It's in his kiss.'

  12. Anne Rainey Says:

    Kristin--Aww, that is so sweet! I love the spontaneous romantic gestures the most.

    Carol--I hear you! That's why I'm hoping my youngest waits awhile, she already thinks it's gross, I want her to have her first kiss with a guy who knows to take it slow and easy with her.

  13. Anne Rainey Says:

    Nicole--Isn't it though? Ah, to be young again. *sigh*

    Julie--Guys are very shy about their feelings at that age, huh? Esp. with mom. I can still remember my brothers and their first crushes.

  14. nancyg1950 Says:

    Kisses are so romantic, whether its that first hesitant brush of lips, or the passionate kiss of a longtime love. But the "first" kiss is one to remember, always. Thanks for the memory.
    Nancy g aka joshgranny

  15. Anne Rainey Says:

    Hi Nancy! So true. And for me, they tend to be the hardest part of writing too. I always take forever with a kissing scene. Got to be just right! :)

  16. Anne... wow. A shared look like that with your dh, while the kiddos are playing around. Those are the best. My daughter caught us in a smooch, and is convinced her daddy & I both have cooties. *grin*

    The memory of those romantic kisses will be so cozy when we're little old ladies, with cats curled up on our lap blankets... and sizzling e-books in Large Type on our e-readers! LOL.

    Thanks for this post. I'm really enjoying getting back in touch with everyone today!

    Best, Ashley

  17. Anne Rainey Says:

    we're little old ladies, with cats curled up on our lap blankets... and sizzling e-books in Large Type on our e-readers! LOL.LMBO!!! I love it! I can so easily picture that, Ashley! :)

  18. Hey!! I like that large type. It's a lot easier to read NOW, even with my reading glasses!

  19. Anne Rainey Says:

    Julie--My kids crack up at me these days because when I read labels and stuff I have to hold it at a distance, otherwise it's all blurry. They tease me about getting old. Little runts! LOL

  20. Natasha Says:

    What aa great post, Anne. I can picture your daughter coming in from the rain. So sweet.

  21. Hmph! Just wait . . .

  22. Anne Rainey Says:

    Natasha--Thanks! Yeah, she looked adorable. When I come in from the rain I look like a drowned rat. LOL

    Julie--haha! That's what I keep telling them!

  23. Mary Ricksen Says:

    That was so beautiful, I can just imagine your daughter and her starry eyes. How cool you get to watch it. How great your DH still can get to you. I will be 60 soon and he can still get me with that look alone.

  24. That's so sweet, Anne. :)REally nice blog. :)

  25. Anne Rainey Says:

    Mary--Isn't love amazing? What would we do without it, right?

    Terry--Thanks for commenting! :)

  26. Cameo Brown Says:

    Very sweet post, Anne! Thanks for reminding us all of the special times in our lives.

  27. Anne, you did a sensational job with this blog topic! Thanks for the reminder of how delicious a thing a simple, evocative kiss can be! Thats the magic behind it - the sensations, the tastes, scents and dizzy butterflies. Gets me every time...add in a dewy spring rain? Yum!! :-)

  28. Anne Rainey Says:

    Cameo--I should be thanking Kati. She made me remember why I fell in love with her dad! :)

    Marianne--Love really is grand, huh? :)

  29. Truly a lovely post. It made me smile and gave me little goose bumps of understanding all that once. I love love...and totally adore kisses! :)

    ~ jodi

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