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Today I want to share Cindi Myers recent newsletter because it tells about a new important fundraiser auction going on now via eBay. I'm bidding to help raise money and I hope you will too. They have a bunch of really cool items available including autographed books and critiques by editors, agents and published authors.


Market News for Week of October 1, 2006

Good morning and welcome everyone.

First up this week, I want to let everyone know about an auction
author Julie Kenner is sponsoring to raise funds for Love Without
Boundaries ( ) an organization
that helps orphans in China. In honor of her new daughter from
China, Julie has gathered an amazing collection of items. The
auction goes live on eBay today and among the many great items
available is a totebag full of my books -- most of my backlist.
For more information and links to individual items, go to .

This week's Spotlight from Romance Writers of America's annual
conference in Atlanta is on Tor Books. The Spotlight was
presented by Senior Editor Melissa Ann Singer and Editor Anna
Genoese. The workshop began with Melissa and Anna talking about
some of the upcoming books Tor will be publishing. Tor does the
Battlestar Gallactica novelizations (though they are not taking
submissions for this series.) Tor is publishing a series of
graphic fiction by best-selling fantasy writers. They publish
alternate history novels. They showed light-hearted chick lit in
both trade paper and mass market paperback, mystery series with
female protagonists, and "feminist" science fiction (science
fiction with strong female protagonists, focused on women's
issues such as weight, gender identity and infertility.)

Tor publishes historical fiction as well as historical romance.
Their historical fiction usually features more than one plot,
only one of which is a romance. They are interested in a variety
of time periods and settings - not so much Victorian/Edwardian
urban settings. They have publishes historical fiction set in
World War II and other settings.

Tor Romance publishes paranormal romance, including science
fiction and fantasy romance, futuristic romance, and romance
featuring witches, vampires, ghosts, goblins, psychics, etc. etc.
They're also interested in erotica, multi-racial romance and
non-traditional romance. Each novel should have two storylines -
the romance and something else. They look for strong female
protagonists and appealing heroes. For more specific information
about paranormal romance at Tor, see

In women's fiction they look for stories about women, character-
driven stories that are not necessarily romance. They want
"strong, emotion-driven story." The relationship can be between a
woman and her mother or father, a woman and her children or
friends, a married couple or some other relationship. If there is
a romance, the romance should be no more than 50 percent of the

They're very interested in mysteries with strong female
protagonists, but they're not interested in cozies.

Tor also publishes young adult fiction. Starscape publishes books
for ages 8-11 while Tor Teen releases titles for ages 11 and up.
The editor for both of these imprints is Susan Chang.

General submission guidelines are available at

Editor Anna Genoese has a blog at
where she often talks about what she's looking for/interested in.

***************************************************** Press is accepting submissions for its Magazine of
Unbelievable Stories. This is a print magazine published four to
six times per year that publishes genre fiction in the tradition
of the "penny dreadful" pulp fiction magazines of earlier times.
They're currently planning a number of themed issues and are
looking for the following: Romance, science fiction western,
horror, mystery and time travel stories. 4000 to 7000 words.
Payment is $40 per story. You may submit via email. For
information, go to

Look who's blogging: Check out my new blogs at

Feel free to pass along this newsletter and to encourage others
to sign up to receive it. If you reprint or forward the
newsletter, all I ask is that I be given credit for it. Anyone
can sign up by sending a blank email to cynthiasterling-

Cindi Myers
Fear of Falling, Harlequin Blaze, September 2006 (1st Gothic
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  1. Pamela Tyner Says:

    Oh, I’m bidding in that auction too. There are two items I really want, and I keep getting outbid, darn it!

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