Cardboard Box Derby

What is a cardboard box derby?

Nothing more than a sledding race in a cardboard box. Well, you can use duct tape, if necessary to put your box in some kind of a cool shape.

Nothing else. Well, okay, when we wanted to get fancy, we'd spray paint the box and that was allowed. Any appliance box had to be saved all year for this event, or else begged from someone else.

Now, look at these boxes at the 22nd annual cardboard box derby in Quechee, Vermont. They look professionally built and decorated, don't they? 

When my kids were little, the kids would work on the box, with some help from the dads. Everyone would race in heats, and half the boxes would fall apart on the way down and the kids would tumble out. It was hilarious.

It looks a bit to me like the adults are competing now. Is that American flag a decal? Such things used to be strictly verboten.

I also see they've added helmets, which I suppose is a good idea, but adds to the look of professionalism.

Now you have to reserve your spot in advance. There's a pre-derby dinner, and a post-derby dinner. The event is practically unrecognizable from-you guessed it-the good old days!

But still fun.

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