Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Who wants to live here? Dunrobin Castle is a fairly well-known castle in Scotland. A fort was recorded here in 1401, and the castle is still in the same family (a family with a not-so-positive history, I'm sorry to say).

If the picture of the castle isn't enticing enough, check out these gardens. They form the back yard and slope down to the sea. It's utterly idyllic.

Here are a couple closeups of the garden.

The estate has only 3 gardeners to take care of all these gardens.

We also attended a demonstration on the castle grounds about birds of prey. I only did it because I thought my husband would enjoy it, but it turned out to be fascinating. This is a falcon, which can fly up to 200 miles per hour.
You really can't see it coming. They can only pluck their prey out of the air (not from the ground) so the keeper did a demonstration. My husband and another man both got hit by the bird. They said it hurt! The trainer did a wonderful show and his love for his birds was obvious. He is sent injured birds to help them recuperate.

Last, but not least, I can show you the entryway to the castle. This is the only place where they allow pictures to be taken of the inside of the castle. :(
However, we really enjoyed our time living for a moment like the nobility!

More pictures from our trip to Scotland are here.

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